Is WWE’s Decreasing Popularity Affecting THQ’s Games Sales?

THQ recently announced its quarterly earnings and revenue for the company has plummeted big time. The company’s revenue stands currently at $124.2 million which dropped from $197.6 million only a year earlier.

Although THQ has published a lot of games over the years, one of its best performers over the last decade have been its Smackdown series. However, over the years popularity in the WWE has decreased and this has affected the game sales of one of THQ’s most important game franchises.

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dangert123540d ago

not really you don't have to be a wwe fan to enjoy here comes there pain

i don't know ufc to well but i enjoy thq's first game thing is thq have changed formula since the ps2 days and it needs improving

evrfighter3540d ago

over saturation's a b*tch ain't it THQ.

InLaLaLand3540d ago

They have slowed the gameplay down this gen for the smackdown games but the engine seems the same since PS1 days, with the moves and collision detection.

WWE as a whole is getting boring, I watch Botchamania.

thats_just_prime3539d ago

They are just releasing the same game year after year. they only think that really changes is then story mode and those have always sucked anyways

DeadlyFire3540d ago


Only thing effecting their game sales is Yukes. Force them to build a better game or tell them to GTFO.

Instead of making SVR series better they make oddball Legends games. Rebuild SVR on a new game engine. Its what everyone wants. Yet you hold back from doing so.

zag3540d ago

THQ is really doing bad because of the GFC.

That sort of stuff always takes a bit to show in the books.

You can't expect people to keep buying heaps of games when they don't have heaps of cash to buy them.

it's pretty simple really.

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NMC20073540d ago

We just need a more perfected version of WWE All-Stars.... maybe! I dunno.

captain-obvious3540d ago

i dont think WWE is losing popularity
especially after they went PG13
like a bazillion kid watch that sh*t

dangert123540d ago

It is, i used to know it was fake but still be a big fan the charectars the storylines from back in the day are gone check out how different it was back in the day
Kane (masked kane)
The Rock
Stone Cold
^^^^ they were all great charectars now they all seem the same bar the older ones still in

zag3540d ago

Those people are just after the golden era for the 90's

I stopped watching it because the story is the same thing over and over it gets boring.

The fumola they go for, is spend 3 months with a set story then completely ruin or change what is happening for the next 3 months and keep doing that.

So someone will be a heal 3 months later they'll be in a tag team as a baby face, then 3 months later be a baby face still but have a fall out with the tag team and go their own way, which 3 months down the track causes them to be a heal again.

rinse and repeat for any one in the WWE company spin offs.

user8586213540d ago

during the attitude error their ratings were at 4.5 average sometimes peaking at 5

in the pg era their ratings are at 3-3.5 average so yh they lost a lot of popularity

DeadlyFire3540d ago

That was every week for Raw right. I know smackdown stays below 3.0 ratings now.

Raw hits 3.0 or less and Vince jumps up and does something interesting to spike it back up a little then it goes back to regular routine. Gradually dropping. They are considering using the Rock on more shows even if he doesn't wrestle just due to the ratings bump he gives the show. If he agrees to it.

TNA ratings are solid around 1.1 now. I hope they hit 2.0 soon and maybe 3.0 within the next year.

I don't believe game sales lowering are due to the PG era as the games still have blood, chairs, ladders, tables, and barbed wire I believe. The games are rated TV 14. The show is PG crap. Here is the game's problem. Game engine could be rebuilt a bit. It looks the same every year and its getting tiresome to look at it. Its been that way since new Consoles were launched really. They need to use a stronger and more amped up game engine. If they did it would = success.

xVeZx3540d ago

nah it cant be that the game has been the same since smackdown on the ps1....its the decreasing popularity thats it.....

arjman3540d ago

WWE as a whole began losing popularity after ending the Attitude Era and bringing in this PG crap

Jonah_Reese3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

You know, the Attitude era ended in 2003 and WWE just went PG in 2009 right? up til 2009 was the (apparently forgotten by name) "Ruthless Aggression" era. Just saying.

arjman3540d ago

I know but they were slowly becoming worse and worse during that gap, instead of sticking to the Attitude formula. The way I worded it may be weird but I meant that ^, it's just those were two defining moments

Jonah_Reese3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Oh Okay, personally for the sake of their company I think they need to go back to at least the ruthless Aggression era. I can at least say that even now in the PG era (also just an opinion) the WWE is way more innovative and entertaining than TNA. Every time I look forward to that show [TNA], it lets me down. They have even worse booking than WWE. As a whole wrestling is in the state of disappointment for me.

Also, I know people don't like to hear this. But John Cena is one of the most respected wrestlers to date. He may not be the best wrestler but he sure as hell has a lot of heart for the business.

zag3540d ago

it's been dying before 2000.

The death then buy out of WCW pretty much was the bell ringing to say this game is dying a slow death.

They keep it going by moving the shows outside the USA, in Australia every show is always sold out, some with-in hours.

but the 3 or 4 shows can't save a company.

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