Microsoft NPD April 2011 response

Gamertag Radio writes: "Demand for games such as “Kinect Sports” and “Dance Central” helped propel the Xbox 360 into the number-one selling video game console in April. Sales of “Kinect Sports” reached 3 million units worldwide and “Dance Central” sales reached 2.5 million units worldwide. Xbox 360 has also been the top-selling console in the United States for 10 out of the last 11 months and is the best-selling console in 2011.

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DonnieDarko3026d ago Show
Elven63026d ago


Dance Central and Kinect Sports are NOT shovelware. Shovelware is a piece of software that is so broken it doesn't even work and was simply made to cash in.

captain-obvious3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

dude stop being a hypocrite
you ppl call wii games shovelware but kinent games are not ???
com on we all know its casual bullshit

and you guys want to know what MS got in E3 this year

"the Kinect game portfolio is expected to triple its current number of games with new titles."

here you have it

my god this one is full of fanboys lol

Arnon3026d ago

Who the hell calls mario, zelda, kirby, donkey kong, metroid, or super smash bros shovelware on this site?

Dance Central scored pretty well and is very popular. I'm not sure how that's sovelware.

captain-obvious3025d ago

wow did you just put mario, zelda, kirby, donkey kong, metroid, or super smash bros shovelware in the same level of Dance Central and Kinect Sports ??!?!


i knew your an xbox fanboy but you just took it to another level

you really need to wake up and get your head out of MS's ass

i like how you xbox fanboys praise wii sholeware now a day just because MS went casual

Arnon3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Is it hard living in the clouds?

"you ppl call wii games shovelware but kinent games are not ???"

Is Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Metroid, and Super Smash Bros. not on the Wii? Also, I'm not a fanboy of anything, I just like seeing you kids freak out.

Elven63025d ago

captain-obvious: Please show me where I called Wii games shovelware. You seem so confident so I would love to see your facts.

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stealth500k3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

my guess is

1) 3ds
2) 360

or else why would they have said best selling console and not best selling system? It could be the ds as at the true number 1 spot. But I think if the 360 was the number 1 system of april they would of said so.

IHateYouFanboys3026d ago

the 3DS is a console lol. its a handheld video console - thats what 'handheld' is short for.

stealth500k3026d ago

no the 3ds is a handheld. And is refered as such. The consoles are consoles.............

The general term is system.

MostJadedGamer3026d ago

Its a well known fact that the 3DS has been selling like complete garbage. No way it beat out the 360.

stealth500k3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

garbage? really?

its number 2 in japan where the ds was number 3 for a good year and a half

and in the US its third were the ds was worse as well

yes garbage when its outpacing the ds.

People have no fucking clue what they are talking about. Things dont start out at number 1 and just stay there. It takes time. The 360 was literally number 2 for 6 years.

Lyr1c3026d ago

And unfortunately, this will cause them to cater to the casual even more.

Microsofts 2011 E3 is going to make a lot of core gamers unhappy.....

DonnieDarko3026d ago

I have pretty much said that in my comment and it's been marked as trolling!!!

ShinraE53026d ago

Cool. Since you can foresee the future, toss some winning lotto numbers my way too.

MS did sacrifice resources to nail the casual end, and its working brilliantly. That doesn't mean the hardcore will go abandoned for long.

We have had many great titles on the 360 (as has the PS3) and I doubt they are going to just say no thanks and walk off half of the gaming market.

Expect them to try and tackle both this E3, just one mans prediciton.

guigsy3026d ago

You say that like Kinect Sports is a bad game...

lowcarb3026d ago

Oh my gosh...lets just wait for e3 before we start all the 360 sucks claims. Yes last year wasn't the greatest but this year MS just like anybody else has the chance to come out on top. Regardless of what you guys try and say MS has held it's lead over Sony which will possibly continue into next generation. They are all doing great just no more 90 to 10% market split.

3026d ago
Lyr1c3026d ago


I make one statement, and it gets blown wide out of proportion.


ShinraE5 condemns me for making a prediction, and then goes on to make a prediction of his own.

Lowcarb is putting words in my mouth. I have not said that xbox sucks, but if that's the vibe you're getting from my comment, then that's on you. Quite frankly, my prediction has quite the chance of occurring.

And DK fails to see the bigger picture. Yes MS is bribing about "ONE GAME". Yes MS is happy about it. Yes MS received lots and lots of money from that "ONE GAME". Therefore, it is extremely safe to assume that Microsoft would like to repeat that revenue, with MORE GAMES like that "ONE GAME".

You people need to grow up. I made a prediction.

Just because my prediction and your prediction don't see eye to eye, there is NO reason to whine about it like children on a news website.

Arnon3026d ago

You know what's sold more?


With your logic, they'll cater more to the hardcore audience with kinect titles like Rise of Nightmares, Steel Battalion and Panzer Dragoon (Which use the controller and Kinect at the same time).

So in actuality, it is just "ONE GAME".

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kickerz3026d ago

Yeah I have kinect sports.. It prolly is the only decent kinect game out there. Kids love it though. I hope there will be some good core kinect games this year at e3 cause it is decent technology

gamingdroid3026d ago

Dance Central is pretty decent, but beyond that there isn't much out yet.

Looking forward to trying Gunslinger though, Star Wars game and Steel Battalion.

Unannounced, I'm wondering what Gears of War: Exile is....

green3026d ago

Kinect Sport and Dance Central have sold 3 million and 2.5 million copies respectively. Damn!!!

InTheKnow3026d ago

I think after E3 there will be no doubts about Kinect or the xbox 360. The system is really hitting it's stride. I hope to see some news about the new 360 that must be right around the corner.

I have to say tho, I'm very curious about the new Nintendo console and what they have planned for E3. It must be big.

gaden_malak3026d ago

"Kinect Sport and Dance Central have sold 3 million and 2.5 million copies respectively. Damn!!! "

Are they bundled or stand-alone?

sp1deynut3026d ago

Try thinking for a second...or even doing a 10-second Google search...before asking what is an undeniably stupid question.

Unless you were under a rock since last November, most gamers know by now that Kinect Adventures was the only bundled game. And other retail bundles that included another game, sold for more than the base $150 bundle, and therefore any additional games they included still count toward sales.

Kinect Sports and Dance Central are easily the 2 most recognized Kinect games, since launch, and most people know they reviewed AND sold well, right out of the gate. Your question shows one of 2 things: ignorance or trolling.

gaden_malak3026d ago

Angry much? Get a life loser.

SuperStrokey11233026d ago

I bought a kinect 360 in April for the wife, kids and I. Its pretty fun to play as a family, boring as hell alone though... Hope they find a way to make some good games for it.

KingME3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

"...boring as hell alone though"

It is not "boring as hell alone", perhaps you're just someone that requires an audience. I play kinect sports and dance central alone all the time and have lots of fun doing so. Especially with KS being that it has a friends leaderboard which gives you high scores to shoot for.

@Krakn3Dfx (Below) - AWFUL? Drama Queen much? I mean really? AWFUL? No need to go any further, because there are soooo many 3 million unit selling "AWFUL" games out there; Nuff said.

SuperStrokey11233025d ago

I certainly dont need an audience, its just that its incredibly fun as a party game and stuff like that. Wife and i were playing michael jackson and kinect adventures last night and our two year old hoped in and started playing too. It was really fun. I have tired it alone though and it lacks that special something that it seems to have when others are there. It is boring alone. Fun in groups though for sure. To each their onw though right?

KingME3025d ago

@SuperStokey1123 - Touche'...Point taken.

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