WiredController: Brink Review

WiredController: "If you’re looking for a game that delivers fun with friends and teamwork then Brink could very well be that game. Unfortunately, in its current state the fun is being buried under technical issues such as lag on the Xbox 360 and certain video cards not working on the PC. When the game is firing on all cylinders you see something special that reaches the goal of finally getting players to work together instead of racking up lone wolf kills. If you have patience to wait out the issues then go out and grab Brink, but for now I would have to tell most people to just wait until a patch comes to remedy the lag on consoles."

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TheStonedSheep3026d ago

I've just started playing, but I'm liking it a lot more than 7/10.

gameguru3026d ago

i was planning on getting this one but it's been getting too many mediocre reviews for my liking :(

Ducky3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

It's not really a game that can be recommended to everyone.

For example, you can tell someone to play LPB or Portal2 or even CoD and chances are, they'd like it.
Tell them to play MAG or Stalker or MGS4 and things might not go as smoothly. It's not that those are bad games, it's just that the criticism people have against the game is the same reason many love it.

Though, the above only applies for gameplay criticisms.
There are also few technical issues plaguing the 360's online (which might also be present on PS3's online) and ATI cards on the PC.
If SD supports the game (through patches and updates), then I can see it having a lasting community.

So... I guess the best thing to do is wait to see how the devs respond. Once the technical problems are cleared and the price drop down a bit, it'd be an awesome purchase if you're into objective-based shooters.

Ser3026d ago

Careful, people will start throwing feces at you for liking this game.

Apparently, you can't disagree with reviews.

GameGambits3026d ago

It's a weird situation. I'm the one who wrote up this review and I like the game, but it's impossible to overlook the problems with it, which to me aren't underlying gameplay issues, but technical ones like lag.

A 7/10 on our site means it's a good game, but there might be problems that we can't just whole heartedly recommend to everyone blindly.

Once the lag issues are resolved I feel this is going to be a great game, but until that time comes I have to review what the game is its current state. It'd be like if people waited till now to review Gears of War 2, which the online is now serviceable, but back at launch and for a year solid was atrocious.

Brink is a good game, and as long as you have some patience to wait for the patch to come to fix the lag, then you should get it if team shooters are compelling to you. ;)