Is the 3DS Success... a Failure for Gaming?

Has the 3DS cemented a movement of the industry in the wrong direction?

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TomInc3025d ago

Not necessarily. It's a handheld so may not have as much of a direct effect on the mainstream consoles. Devs aren't idiots either, they recognise that 3D is only just rolling out. I'd imagine if anything 3D movements will make people consider the option of 3D, but only that. Even with the 3DS it's an optional feature.

Misterhbk3025d ago

Interesting article and something I think most gamers have thought about at some point or another.

Personally I sold my Wii a long time ago. I didn't really start gaming until the PlayStation era so Nintendo's first party offers don't give me the same nostalgia they do for a lot of Nintendo fans. Mario and his pals just don't do it for me, and with nintendo not really having a lot of support from third parties there was just no purpose.

If Nintendo wants to be a success with the core gamers again, not to say that all core gamers hated the wii, but they'll need to adopt a few things from both Sony and Microsoft.

that being said,I still see nintendo going the same route they took this gen. They'll update their console finally but it'll essentially be on par with the PS3 and 360. Maybe slightly more powerful but not by much, allowing them to keep the price down. I don't think they'll get online right just yet. they'll be better but will still have a lot of work to do. They're really far behind as far as online gameplay and I don't see them just suddenly having this amazing online network.

People will say the innovated, although the hardware will be dated and they'll still rake in casuals by the boatload. But hey, they're a business and money is money so more power to them I guess.

limewax3024d ago

Well I agree with more or less everything you said other than the online network bit, I personally think they will most certainly not take a similar route to the wii's online. I expect it to be a lot more open if they truly want CoD gamers on there etc.

I think they will get teething problems of course, However the guys at nintendo are actually incredibly talented, They tend to focus more on other aspects of gaming than direct features for the games. They tend to try to innovate in hardware, while never really pushing the envelope too if you know what I mean.

But their tech heads are skilled, They just toy with many fields. They have a fairly up to date understanding of holographic reflected light so I wouldn't put coding a network past them

stealth500k3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

handheld gaming will always be around and nintendo handhelds will always have amazing games with amazing libraries

gameboy,color, advance, ds have added more to gaming than you might realize

1) They made srpgs, visual novels, puzzle games far more popular
2) They have representation from each genre in abundance

it will never be a failure

mcstorm3024d ago

I have to disagree with this guy. I was not a Fan of the Original DS I was all up for the PSP but the 3DS is a far better bit of Kit and from what I have seen so far in what Nintendo are throwing at it I feel this is what I wanted from the Original DS. Nintendo are by far the best makers of Games and the numbers prove this. Look at Games from the SNES and PS1 and look at how many are still around today? Nintendo are very good at keeping the Mario Zelda ect games fresh on every release and do not Milk them like COD ect.

When I heard about the 3DS and the NGP I though that the times were going to change in the handheld market but after getting my hands on a 3DS I now fo not see that happening. I think the NGP will sell better then the PSP but I still think the 3DS will get stronger and stronger each year. You just have to look at what they are doing with Zelda to see what the 3DS has to offer.

limewax3024d ago

Although you mention some great games there, SOME of the titles have been milked at least once in the past, most recently would be new super mario bros. wii, Which was more or less a copy and paste of the DS game which was already at least a year old

Valk3024d ago

Thats like Saying God of War 3 was a copy and apste of PS2 version of the game. Its just complete ignorance. Yes it had the same art style but completely different levels.

I have a feeling you are one of those kids that judges things while knowing nothing about them.

limewax3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

well I played both, they were pretty much same game, Yes new levels, exact same gameplay, The wii should have been capable of adding more to it than it did. It was more or less copy paste, Its funny you claim Im a kid who likes to complain, yet really your the kid who thinks making a billion games under mario's name isn't milking. I have played every mario game and started with the original as a kid, To me New SMB, from DS to Wii, felt like the smallest upgrade in their history of mainstream titles

Also GoW 3 had many new features in the engine that 2 did not, it was a leap ahead of 2 in many aspects other than story. SMB did not fulfill that criteria at all. The tweaks were extremely minimal when considering the difference in power between the systems

chewmystink3024d ago

Love it...
Can't wait for Resident Evil soon.
Don't under estimate it, steam will pick up when the big boys drop..

Shanks3024d ago

But the 3DS is no a success, pointless article.

bumnut3024d ago

Agreed, if it was successful why has the price dropped so quickly?

stealth500k3024d ago

the price hasnt dropped. The minute its not outpacing the ds then it would to be time see whats the situation

bumnut3024d ago

It has, you can get them £50 cheaper than on release day in the UK.

nikola9873024d ago

And it is stil more expensive than in usa.
Nintendo didnt set price in europe,so everyone are free to chose there owm price. So 3DS value is same,but now retailers in UK just steal less.
I have bought mine for 330€.

bumnut3024d ago

330 Euros seems expensive. You can get them for £150 if you shop around which is around 200 Euros.

soren3024d ago

wait a few mil in 2 months is fail? lol fail is the psp go and umd

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