MS offer 50% off Fallout 3, plus all expansions

Games for Windows Live are offering 50% off 2008′s Fallout 3. This includes all expansions for the game, and the offer is good until May 18th.

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BeastlyRig3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

hmmm.. great effort! I might check it out!

Edit: lol seems it's $10 now..

Fishy Fingers3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

The £7.50 is the UK price (hence £), which is roughly $10 or as near as makes no difference. Great deal if you missed it first time round.

I just picked up the Witcher (original) for £5 which is a bargin too ( if your interested).

GodsHand3019d ago

I was at bestbuy yesterday, and saw they had Fallout New Vegas for $20.

NukaCola3019d ago

7.50 pounds is like $13.45 or something along those lines. But still this is a great game and if you have not played it yet....punch yourself.

BeastlyRig3019d ago

I actually bought it on gog yesterday & the witcher 2 2day!!


£2 and you got a deal not worth any more

RankFTW3019d ago

CoD called and said it's missing you.


no because thats another game which i hate its all about skyrim baby!

RankFTW3019d ago

Heh oh well can't argue with you there, roll on Skyrim :D.