Should You Limit Video Game Play for Children? writes: Most of us grew up playing video games and we all turned out just fine — right? As a parent, you may take a more critical eye to video games. Do your children play too much? Should they only be playing learning games? Though it’s a relatively new media, many studies have been done on the impact of video games, especially on children. Consider the following information when you decide just how much is too much for your own children.

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coryok3025d ago

kids should learn how much is too much for themselves

edhe3025d ago

Just as an alcoholic should learn how much is too much for themselves too?

Don't be daft.

The advantage is for parents these days is that we grew up as gaming grew up. We've done the late night sessions on RPGs and RTSs. We've done the just-one-more round of an FPS. We've been playing the gameboy under the covers.

But all of it needs to be tempered. Kids need to have a break between the gaming and the bedtime to ensure they don't suffer from the bright screen messing with their sleep. Kids need sleep more than they need to get to the next checkpoint.

There's plenty of time to play when you're a kid, but ensuring that it's a measured thing is healthy for everyone involved.

That said - i'd much rather my kids were working on puzzles/strategies/tactics/eme rgent situations/economics/politics in their games than sitting drooling as the next episode of power rangers comes on.

[Phineas and Ferb, however, is awesome.]

Soldierone3025d ago

That show is awesome, before I say anything else lol.

However I agree with Coryok. They can learn on their own too. My little brothers will play a few rounds of COD and then they and all their friends will decide to go outside and play instead. Usually the decision to do that over rules anyone that wants to play video games.

Then they will play a few rounds before school, but you don't have to force them to get off to go. They will play before bed, and they might throw a fit because they dont want to go to bed, but they will get off the video games fine.

I'm not saying you don't need to be a parent, but you don't need to be so strict that your sitting there with a clock and shutting it off exactly after an hour of gaming...that will just make them want it more and not listen.

(this isn't targeted at you but just general) I hate people that think they need to make parental decisions for EVERYONE. My kid isn't going to be the same as my neighbors kid. I will raise him the way I want and the way I feel is right. If I want to let him play M rated video games all night on a Friday, then so be it. It doesn't mean I'm a bad parent. It means I am capable of teaching right and wrong.

Tapioca Cold3025d ago

Ah, the North American way of thinking..."Discuss" ? (with your child).

In other areas of the world you don't "discuss" anything with your child. They do as they are told or suffer the consequences (you can figure those out on your own).

Our culture is so busy pussy footing around not to offend anyone that it is crumbling within. Teachers can no longer even assign homework in some schools. Authority figures (parents, police, the judicial system) can no longer discipline anyone (don't want to hurt fat little Johnny's feelings, he's just big boned, that's all). Or, how about this: Love yourself for who you are!! (thanks Oprah) Why? You're a fat ugly stupid idiot!

Or, they killed bin Laden!

What he was unarmed! Those cowards!

Nothing worse than hearing a father telling his 2 year old son to be quiet because daddy is playing video games.

Or hearing 7 year olds on xbox live screaming obscenities and racial slurs because their parents can't control/discipline/teach them.

Another reason I ditched Live

edhe3025d ago

There's a snake in your boot!

Quagmire3025d ago

When my dad caught me smoking, he told me to smoke an entire box of cigarettes one after the other until I eventually threw up and swore it off.

When my child wont know when to stop playing, ill force him to play Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust until his eyes bleed.


Close_Second3025d ago

Well, with PSN being down all the kiddies can't play COD multiplayer on the PS3 so problem solved.

The average age of soldiers in Vietnam was 19...average age of players playing COD:BO on-line is probably half that.

EmperorDalek3025d ago

So... judging by the amount of COD4 you played, your a kiddie too?

Close_Second3025d ago

COD4 was the last good COD game before it went casual.

The Meerkat3025d ago

Atari 2600, Zx Spectrum 48k and 128k, Amiga 500, NES, SNES, Mega Drive (Genesis), PS1, PS2, Xbox, 360, Many PC's.

From the age of 4.

I'm ok.......I think.