Analysis: The Psychology Of Microsoft Points

Gamasutra writes:

"Ever bought something from Xbox Live Arcade? The first time you may have been a bit bamboozled by the process because Microsoft doesn't just let you put $15 on your credit card to buy a new game; purchases are done in 'Microsoft Points' that you deposit into a kind of virtual wallet. Then you spend the points on stuff."

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InTheKnow3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

When you force people to pay MORE than what a item costs, it's a scam. Microsoft as well as others keep getting away with these types of schemes. A massive fine would put an end to this kind of criminality.

I have all the systems BUT game predominately on Xbox. It is a major bone of contention when I want to buy a map pack or anything else and you have to pay almost twice as much just to get it.

How anyone can defend this behaviour is beyond me. I understand it's a business and that MICRO transactions is how many businesses make money but this is just wrong.

Could you imagine going to a store, having to buy some generic points from that store to purchase something and when you go to pay, you have to buy extra points you don't need??? That store wouldn't be in business very long. Bank machines ( ATM ) do much the same thing and are allowed to get away with it as well.

Telling people/gamers to not buy it if they don't like it is not enough. What ever happen to common decency and fair play and some sort of respect for the customer??? the people they are hurting are their most loyal customers.

soundslike3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Dave&Busters happened?

I dunno if they were the first ones to do it but holy shit do they do it. Fifty cent games become 90 cents, dollar games become 1.70, etc. You are never quite sure how much the game is costing you, but it always feels like you have more credits than you actually do.

They had this giant multiplayer trivia game, and there was 4 other plastered people playing it so I joined in. Normally I would have never fed in dollar after dollar, but the combination of the fun and overwhelming lights/sounds, drunk people, and having my credits on a card allowed me to easily keep re-upping to play again. Only after the fact did I figure out how much the game was costing, and it was like "whoaaaaa nelly", "time to get out of dodge".

awiseman3025d ago

Its so that you buy more than necessary. It hardly a secret tbh. MANY companies use it particularly companies like Nexon who's main source of income is in game cash...

Sony is not free of this either but of course on N4G only MS can be at fault... Killzone Liberation is 12.99 on am I to buy it? I would have to buy a 10 dollar credit and add more onto it, resulting in buying more credits than necessary.

Of course I could put my Card info in it...but thats not going to happen.

ThePsychoGamer3025d ago

That's how you choose to do things, Sony allows you to spend directly buy what you want, while currently Microsoft forces you to add a preset amount of points.

LiamIRL823025d ago

As much as I like the 360, the points system is basically a con by MS. Sony & Nintendo are far more straightforward.

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Alos883025d ago

"I'd like to buy a stick of gum"
"Sorry sir, we have a five dollar minimum purchase policy"
If it happened in real life, you wouldn't accept it, so why do we have to put up with it on XBLA?

soundslike3025d ago

That DOES happen in real life. Not with cash but with credit/debit, its usually a minimum purchase amount, otherwise I think they have to pay a transaction fee, just like XBL/PSN does.

If you want to point a finger, I say blame the banks. Theres lots of other stuff you could blame them for too.

greatjimbo783025d ago

@soundslike. They have to pay a transaction fee on all transactions. It's how Visa, Mastercard and Amex make their money from the merchant. The rate changes from merchant to merchant, with Amex charging the most.

GodsHand3025d ago

It does happen in real life, Capitalism is a way for you to vote on what stays and what goes, xbox customers have voted that it's okay, so microsoft, lets it be. The only way its going to change, is someone from capital hill thinks it's rip off and submits a bill to change how transactions take place, or xbox customers vote buy not buying anything off there system, and demand 1 for 1 pricing structure to be implemented.

damnyouretall3025d ago

i always thought that if alot of acheivments earned you some free ms points that would be cool as shit. people would love that and play more often. rewards for the true hardcore gamers that buy most of the games and give them all that money. just an idea

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