3.0 Thor: God of Thunder Review

The game industry must be stubborn. Year upon year, it belligerently churns out horrible movie tie-ins with only a handful of games rising above the dirge. Thor: God of Thunder is not one of those bright lights. It is an outright poor game and, moreover, a huge disappointment.

This was a character whose basic powers and abilities should translate perfectly into a high-drama, high-octane action game. God of War is, of course, the template but Thor: God of Thunder doesn’t come close to knocking Kratos from his lofty perch. The license and the character are wasted, and a boundless universe is crushed by unimaginative and poorly executed game design.

The God of Thunder deserved better.

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TXIDarkAvenger3019d ago

Didn't think it would be that bad. 3/10 is something I haven't seen in a long time. But I guess that's expected since it is a movie-based game, and we all know most of those turn out pretty crappy.

SilverSlug3019d ago

Playing it. Its pretty bad.