Backlog Quest: Day 12 – Thor: God of Thunder – Thunder? More like blunder! | Clearance Bin Review

Backlog Quest is a month long special event on Clearance Bin Review featuring daily game reviews of the games that have sat on the shelf for simply too long; old and new.

From Day 12 – Thor: God of Thunder, Tristan Rendo writes, Today I traversed the nine realms only to be defeated by poor frame rate, pixelating graphics and, well, just too much bad to cover in an opening line.

I want to just go on record right now and say that Thor: God of Thunder may be one of the worst super hero inspired video games of this generation; yes, even worse than Iron Man 2. This Sega developed mess of a game is not only far too long for its own good, but suffers from some serious game play issues, graphical issues and in many cases a complete lack of sense."

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