ESRB Rating for Sony Going Multiplatform Was Just a Mistake

"Yesterday a rumor about Sony going multiplatform started making the rounds after the ESRB posted a rating for the Playstation Suite on the PS3, PSP, Nintendo Wii and the family of Nintendo DS handhleds. It turns out it was all just a little mixup at the ESRB with a mistaken posting. Thankfully, to avoid any further confusion, the ESRB has taken down the incorrect listing."

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sinncross3027d ago

I can understand rumours if the news seems legit. But Sony going multiplatform was just ill-conceived. It was also pretty obvious that the ESRB rating was mixed up, with PS Suite being in the supposed title of the game but PS Suite was not a service which would receive the game.

vgn243027d ago

Wipe the rabid frothing foam from your mouths kids. Sony is as strong as ever. Our exclusives aren't going anywhere unless the system has Playstation in the name.

sack_boi3027d ago

SonyPlayStation®3 is the greatest system in the whole wide world and it has so many exclusives, I can't even count them. there is no way there going multiplatform before Nintendo and Microsoft and Apple and Orange.

spunnups3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )


spunnups3027d ago

Duhhhhhh. Do u see Nintendo or MS going multi?!?! NOOOOOOO!

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