'Haze' demo a mess

Canoe WHAM! Gaming previews Haze. The verdict: "Outlook not so good."

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Hatchetforce4995d ago

Let's see, this person said the demo was a mess because:

1 - He didn't like the time chosen to explain nectar tactics
2 - He didn't see the benefits of nectar as he felt it was easy to win (a benefit of nectar)
3 - He didn't get a chance to check out multiplayer.

Hmmmm if that is his idea of a mess then he is an idiot.

ruibing4995d ago

I think calling a demo a mess has nothing to do with the actual game being one. Tutorials in demos usually don't work so well especially if its a built-in tutorial that is part of the campaign if it doesn't want to spoil any plots. The balancing is a tweaking issue that can still be fixed before the game itself goes gold. The lack of a functionality of a demo has nothing to do with the actual game.

I'll wait until the actual come out and I go buy then play it before I make my call, since reviewers are just gamers like us, in which one man's poison is another's itch.

highps34995d ago

Seriously this reaks of M$ paying off people...

Horrible review. Personally unles this douche provides photos of this so called demo i say this is 100% fake and brought to you by M$.

We all know there line up is just about over. Gears when its all said and done is the only thing that console had, and frankly its better on PC now anyway.

Shankle4995d ago

ooooh yeah.... that's a good idea. Oh, wait, this game's only a timed exclusive. Bugger.

Real Gambler4995d ago

Last line of this review: "Since Haze attempts to give us a horrifying vision of the future, I’ve decided to render my verdict with the help of my trusty magic eight ball."

I hate those magic eight balls! Seriously, at least he was honest since you could not consider this a review.

Let see: first, cut and paste the story line from any web site. Here we go, half the review is done. (Like nobody know the story line by now...) Seriously, half the review IS the story line!!!

Then one line about the fact the game waited a bit before the tutorial and two lines about the nectar usage. Must have been tired by then. He wrote three lines in a row!

And then one more line about the fact that he hasn't played it in multiplayer...

I sincerly hope he is not paid $100,000 a year to do 3 lines reviews like that : )

No wonder he had to use the magic 8 ball : )

Time to use my magic 8 ball:
Is this reviewer good? NO
Is this review any good? NO
Is this flamebait material, even if it's just a three line review? YES

Hey, don't blame me, it's my magic 8 ball who said so, not me : )

Evil0Angel4995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

FREE RADCAL !!!!!!! what did they do .Golden Eye(was made by Rare.
TimeSplitter= come on kid !!

this game never was in my Rader, even when i heard UT3 will be pushed back in 2008.

ShAkKa4995d ago

uhmm lets see oh TimeSplitters!
now to the game while i don`t really like it,neither will buy it(no my type of game) i think it will get good reviews of 8 points and up.

Timesplitter144995d ago

Yeah and on top of that he said Haze was an answer to Halo. What a noob. No one ever said that

Ju4995d ago

For me that review was over after the "Asininely left-wing, derivative dystopian storyline aside" comment. Somebody takes some things way to serious here.

green_ghost54995d ago

oh yes, that's all you have is blame it on MS, right. hahaha Haze sucks get over it. The story is one of the most stupid a$$ things I've ever heard in my life. Free radical are a bunch of homo's.


As if M$ needed to review Haze poorly. M$ needs to hurt S$ny's line up why? As if the 360 didn't already have the best titles, as if 360 wasn't getting this title anyway. Notice we all know that once Haze does sh!tty on PS3 that their gonna try and use 360 owners to recoup their losses. I haven't heard one 360 owner talk about Haze yet. Keep believing in White Elephants. If it weren't for the straight up delusions PS3 enthusiasts have this Flaming stuff would be no fun at all, but they make it so easy!!

HeartlesskizZ4995d ago

He is under the effect of nectar. He got no idea what he is saying.

dragunrising4995d ago

Rather than come to the conclusion that the website is biased or the game is bad, why don't we reserve our judgment on the final game. There are so many good games coming out for the holiday...there is no reason to cry if this one is a dud. This story is the kind of fanbait that doesn't belong on N4G.

Play B3yond4995d ago

If Haze is considered a mess i dont even wanna imagine what halo 3 is considered...

fredy4995d ago

Halo Demo and not this game?...haha

This game will FLOP remember my name.

TheSadTruth4995d ago

Do you kids even know what the word review means? This is what you call a preview. When Haze comes out what will you kids be saying if it gets an 8. You will be saying MS pays off all the review sites and that scores don't really matter right?

sonarus4994d ago

hatchet force is right actually however he is simply previewing the demo. The guy is wrong for callin it a mess jst point out the points he didnt like about the game.

From what i have seen frm haze i dnt expect it to be as ground breaking as ps3 owners want it to be. The graphics are hardly mind boggling cnt comment on the gameplay since i havnt played it but i have to say the success on this game will lean heavily on the whole nectar concept. If it works out for them well the game will be a success if not then it will end up with low 8 scores. The game is gonna lean mostly on the online multiplayer and how the play dead the weapon disarm and the nectar gameplay rebels vs mantel troops online will be the pinnacle of the online gameplay. It really is to soon to tell but we will see in less than a month

THE_JUDGE4994d ago

been reported as fake. This website has no creditability what so ever and shouldn't have been approved. Who knows who could have made this crap up.

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power of Green 4995d ago

He was being nice. I'm sure other reviews will reflect his comments.

Hatchetforce4995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

Uhm, no.

"A strong, continuous singleplayer experience with good-looking multiplayer and and hot-swap co-op? Gee, it's starting to look like Haze has got it all.

Are there any criticisms at all then, anything to be wary or worried over? Well, no, not really. I did run into a few problems with the vehicles and it there were a few bugs about having to enter the vehicle from the front-on only, but this is something the team was obviously aware of and working on fixing."

Oh, look:

"If that all sounds complicated then, well, it kind of is. It took awhile to get used to, but near the end of the demo I started to get the hang of it. Once you reach that point though, you start to see the game’s strong points really shine. If all the special abilities remain intact for the multiplayer, then I could see this becoming a great online game. There are few things more satisfying than lobbing a Nectar-gas grenade at a group of soldiers and watching them just start killing each other off."

Uh oh:

"Among a handful of third-party exclusives coming to PlayStation 3 this fall Haze easily tops the list. Free Radical Design is crafting a groundbreaking first-person shooter that looks great and plays even better. In our time with the game, we couldn't outline a single flaw. Let's hope it makes it out the door in the same fashion this fall."


"While Haze will have to work hard to survive in a genre as busy as the FPS, it looks set to win the hearts of GoldenEye and Timesplitters fans. With a dose more attention graphically, Free Radical's latest shooter has every chance of making the same dent on the market as its predecessors. Appearing solely on the PS3 for the foreseeable future, it's also a game that doesn't have to worry about Halo 3 gobbling up all FPS sales."

By now you are a certified dumbass:

Just read it.

EDIT: Just so you know, saying "other reviews" carries the implication his article was a review. It wasn't since reviews are not possible on a beta version that hasn't been released and certainly not on a demo. It wasn't even a preview since the quality was that of some 14 year old's impressions of a game he spent 5 minutes with at Walmart.

I also like how this clown fails to identify when and how he had a hands on. Laughable. Credibility = 0. Credibility of the person that tipped it = 0. Credibility of the Contributor = 0. I'll stick with a credible site.

hulk_bash19874995d ago

Dont u think we shud hold judgement until its released?? Just so we dont sound like desperate fanboys.

MikeGdaGod4995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

its gonna take you some time to take your foot outta Pegg's @ss

HateBoy4995d ago

its gonna take you some time to get laid.

Armyless4994d ago

People who take the time to research and INFORM deserve credibility in this forum, rather than PoG's feeble attempts to ridicule.

Kudos, Hatchet.

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Polluted4995d ago

This guy is calling the whole demo a mess because he didn't think the tutorial was well placed?
I suppose it's entirely possible that the demo did suck, but it would have been nice if he had explained exactly why he thought it did. He doesn't really say a damn thing about the game except that it's the first level...and he doesn't like that they don't throw a tutorial at you right away.
Pretty useless impressions if you ask me. And why does he bring up Halo? What's that got to do with anything? Helmets? Okay.

gtgcoolkid4995d ago

Didn't IGN and Gamespot enjoy the game in their hands on? I remember reading how much fun they had playing this game and what not.

romemac74995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

so this guy didn't like it because the tutorial of the demo was late wtf? his didn't even explained why he didn't like it. this is just more fanboyisy [email protected] if you ask me and why the hell did he being up halo for? this damm fanboy all they see is what they want to see and if it not a 360 logo on it, then it must be carp because they said so. like that girl from saying unreal was good for the ps3 but don't buy it, but the pc one wtf. this reviewer are basis like hell.

people how about when you disagree tell that person why your disagree with them lol.

Shankle4995d ago

The girl on 1up said the pc version was better than the ps3 version. However they all still agreed that the ps3 version was good. That's not fanboyism.

Violater4995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

where did they say that?
As far as I know the only version has been seen is the PS3 version.

From 1up
Haze Becomes Full PlayStation 3 Exclusive?
Xbox 360 and PC versions still possible, but not in development.
By Andrew Hayward, 08/31/2007
"Ubisoft confirmed to GameSpot UK today that Free Radical's upcoming first-person shooter, Haze, is currently only in development for the PlayStation 3. Previously announced as a timed exclusive for the holiday season (with Xbox 360 and PC versions to follow in 2008), this confirmation makes Haze a full PlayStation 3 exclusive -- at least for the time being."

b777conehead4995d ago

shankle that was the ut 3 video

mphillip494995d ago

It is really hard to compare any console game to the PC version. It all depends on what kind of computer you have. Not everyone can afford the top of the line computer just for gaming. It is much cheaper to buy a PS3 considering how much it would cost to get the same gaming experience on a PC. If you do not have a great gaming PC then it is probably better on the PS3. If you have a top of the line gaming PC then it might be better than the PS3's version.

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