Brink is Broken

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"Sorry. This game isn’t for me. If it’s so damn awesome on the PC, then have at it, because on Xbox 360, it’s broken and I refuse to waste anymore of my precious time in lagtacular public matches.

Sadly, lag isn’t the biggest problem facing Broke Brink. Read on."

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Ace_Man_63488d ago

I've heard that BRINK has got some problems but this article is taking it a bit too far, surely

Ser3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

It's a sarcasticgamer article. :P


Exactly. I agree 100%.

Elimin83488d ago

Yeah. And I hate to bring up CoD but no one seem to talk about the same broken rehash year in year out.

Warprincess1163488d ago

just admit, this game is horrible. They should of delayed it instead of trying to rush a game out and patch it later.

dkgshiz3488d ago

Nah, it was already delayed many times before. It was just a crappy game that had no real foundation and it was bound to suck.

Elimin83488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Warprincess116..... You're right. They said they were done and therefor are shipping a week earlier, only to patch it later. Hence incomplete.

DirtyLary3488d ago

Brink is a bigger disappointment than the continued down time of PSN.

Ducky3488d ago

Well, the online and technical issues are valid I suppose.

The gameplay criticism is probably where the sarcasm lies as it's the stereotypical make-this-game-more-like-CoD comments.

Zydake3487d ago

That's sad to hear game looked good

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Darkspade3488d ago

Dam I just bought this game updated it, the online is unplayable.. WOW was looking forward to this one..
They Need to bring back Video Game Returns

Rybakov3488d ago

excuse me but i have had no problems with the 360 version aside from stupid people who think there playing call of duty and dont do anything but sit in the corner

but then again this gen of gaming there is no such thing as teamwork or communication....just stupidity and trolls everywhere

Nykamari3488d ago

If you got a PS3 and can wait until the PSN comes back up, I recommend MAG if you want TEAMWORK and COMUNICATION. I'm getting BRINK but have to wait right now. Gotta Take Care of My BABIES!

Rybakov3488d ago

i tried mag a while back and it was nothing but super lag and loneliness of no mics i tried for a couple days but it just didn't sit right with me

pixelsword3488d ago

Nykamari is right: it's a really good game, get the demo and give it another go. If you put your mic on, others invariably will. You can also put on your mic when you're quad/platoon leader/OIC because people will follow your orders if you're clear;or get into a decent clan, as they will always be communicating. Now super lag I can't explain, as it's pretty stable except sometimes in the beta and after one of the updates, so I can't tell you of lag otherwise.

killerhog3488d ago

I couldnt stand this game, i agree with everything he said. after experience all those problems (in said game), i stopped and even though the psn is down, i somehow manage to play MAG and team fortress (pc of course). i wasnt even interested from the get-go as it was a Borderland and Team Fortress rip-off

Nykamari3488d ago

You played MAG? How did you managed that? I'm jealous of you if you did! I know how Pookie feels in New Jack City! MAG KEEPS CALLING ME! LOL!!!!

Ducky3488d ago

... How is it a rip-off of either game? O.o

... also, how could you have experienced all those problems when the majority of them relates to online, which you can't play when PSN is down? O.o

killerhog3488d ago

cause i never mention playing it on the ps3?? i also stated the respectful console i used to play mention games???

dude besides the limited "parkour" its a straight up team fortress and borderland rip-off. only a fanboy (of a game that just came out too) would disagree

news4geeks3488d ago

Amusing to see a greater acceptance of an article on n4g that doesn't question a ps3 exclusive. Just an observation, don't let the scallops fly out of your pants.

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