PSN Problems Cause Trouble for Dark Souls Devs

The game's producer has implied that there might be delays on the horizon if the outage goes on for too much longer.

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-MoOkS-3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I agree with kayla

I was just thinking about how this is impacting on devs currently developing games for the ps3 that have network play. Wouldn't it slow down the process of making the game? it could be putting companies weeks off their projected development schedules; they wont be able to test network features and get things up and running.

Sony have well and truly dropped the ball this time

@ Fishy Fingers - Yeah, but how would they know if it works on the actual network? they would need to set up everythign on the main network to get an idea. The main network is down, and im sure I read that anonymous accessed private sony servers, which is how they illegally downloaded content from the store

sack_boi3019d ago

What does this mean for PSN releases? Are they all going to release at the same time when PSN gets back up (oh boy)? Will Sony have to reschedule every release?

Damn, devs and publishers must be really pissed right now.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3019d ago

Those devs could take the route that many less respected companies have chosen to do this generation and just release the game and patch it to work at a later date. (Socom Confrontation, Cod Black Ops to name a few) Its happened for many titles this generation and unfortunately this is the consequence we have to deal with when those douchebags attacked the network.

If it requires a delay to get the final build up to standards so be it, the last thing we need is a bunch of duct tape to hold the windshield on to a vehicle going 200 mph.

Fishy Fingers3019d ago

I thought they had internal networks to test such things on.

van-essa3019d ago

The whole PSN is down Fishy, even the "Dev network".

Fishy Fingers3019d ago

Ah, thanks for the reply. More useful than a nameless disagree :)

Christopher3019d ago

Actually, we don't know this. The whole PSN isn't down since we still receive software updates to games. Sony could have the actual game servers up and running, which aren't the same servers that store your data and verify your PSN credentials.

van-essa3019d ago

The patch servers have always been up.

Christopher3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

@van-essa: I know, that's why I said they were up. The only thing that's restricting our access to the dev's servers is our PSN account(s). This may not be a restriction for developers. They could easily have access to the same servers through a VPN.

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chriski3333019d ago

And im having trouble as well with the psn being down

Quagmire3019d ago

One more year and then the entire Internet will be down.


perfectCarbonara3019d ago

Well, I can understand, the people responsible should be ashamed of themselves.

van-essa3019d ago

Yea, removing that OtherOs really did piss a lot of people.

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The story is too old to be commented.