Game Interface Review: Brink (PC, XBox360, PS3)

It’s not an easy thing to stand out in the crowded field of first-person team-based shooters. With benchmarks like Team Fortress and Call Of Duty, it takes a unique hook and polished execution to even get a second glance, much less become the “next big thing.” Enter Brink, the much-anticipated FPS title from Splash Damage and Bethesda. Brink is a break-out title with the potential to be a serious contender among the great shooters.

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Ares843023d ago


Now, I haven't played the game but from what I've seen it looks boring and pretty bland. One of my friends did get it for the 360 and he said it's pure crap.

christheredhead3023d ago

well from what ive seen it looks interesting and unique. one of my friends bought the game and said its pure fun and addicting. so i guess it goes either way.

Ares843023d ago

Yeah, to each his own. As I said I never played the game I'm just going by gameplay videos.

As for your friend, you are just bs-ing here. Just because I have a friend who got it you have to make up crap huh? Nice!

antz11043023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

"Now I haven't played the game but..."

Thats where you're comment should have stopped. Play, then weigh in.

I have it and have several friends that also have it, some think its great and others think its good (including me). One or two don't like it, but they admitted they don't like the Quake Wars class style game.

TheDarkGod3022d ago

I gave it a 9/10 because it's that good... on the PC (which is the platform I reviewed it from). I clearly state in my review that I have never played the console version and I've heard there are issues with the XBox version. The PC version is glitch free and a very enjoyable experience.

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SleazyChimp3023d ago

I have played it and it is not very smooth in the gun play department. The iron sight aiming is very fidgity, plus the enemy is constantly climbing, running, and sliding. This makes hitting your target a pain in the ass. But the AI are expert marksman which makes for alot of frustrating deaths. Even a couple of hours in with some decent weapon upgrades it still doesnt get any better. The sensitivity seems to only have too fast or to slow. No real sweet spot. The smart button movement is a blast and I like the blend of campaign and multiplayer. The gun play is just not as polished as todays FPS. To me thats what really kills this game.

betrayed gamer3023d ago

yea the game is good, they just have a few minor kinks to fix. i really like how the movement is done in the game though its perfect. i cant wait to see how this can be implemented in other games

keklar3023d ago

You all also need to realize this review is based on the PC version of the game... most of you are commenting off of the bad Xbox impressions.