IGN - Bringing Smash Bros Back

IGN - Every day around 5pm, a curious thing happens in the IGN offices. Between six and ten people - editors and video producers, who are usually focused on their flooded e-mail inbox, or are trying to publish their articles - huddle around a television to do battle as Nintendo's biggest mascots.

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RedDead3025d ago

This game is the fun, sometimes you get sick of it...and a few weeks later you can throw it on again

Neo Nugget3025d ago

I would suggest it for 3DS, but it just wouldn't be the same. It belongs on a home console, just like Pokemon belongs on a handheld.

Relientk773025d ago

I liked it, it entertained me, I'm always up for Smash Bros.

I can't believe Ike killed himself twice lol

ISKREEM3025d ago

This is the only Wii game that I continue to play regularly, and has got to be my favourite party game altogether.

I'm really hoping for a new Smash Bros to be shown off for Project Cafe. Please, bring me Majora's Mask (Skull Kid form) as a playable character!