The Game Archaeologist jacks into The Matrix Online: The highlights

Massively: It's not every year that a movie comes along that captures the pop culture zeitgeist so powerfully and so quickly as The Matrix did. I recall lugging a few college friends along to see this in 1999 -- having heard only a few sparse details about it beforehand -- and coming out of the theater feeling as if we we'd been electrified. The bold mix of science fiction, martial arts, philosophy, action, and leather ensembles became the smash hit of the year, and a franchise was born.

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ruined the franchise with this game

DeadlyFire3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I don't think its ruined. There is still alot of potential in the Matrix franchise. Just Atari is the one the holds the key to it. They don't really make many games very often.

I think with the new Free to Play rush developers are pushing for now. MxO could get a rebirth at some point. SoE is rebooting or continuing their properties. They are setting up Everquest 3/Next and Planetside 2/Next. There is a potential chance they could go back to MxO as a Free to Play game at some point if its okay with Atari I assume.