Brink Reviewers bought the wrong game?

SG: Brink was unquestionably the best game I played last year at PAX, and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since. I bought it on Steam last night, less than an hour after it was available. Yep. I got the PC version… you know, the platform made for first-person shooters.

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NYC_Gamer3025d ago

we have to stop expecting everyone to like a game just because we enjoy it

MidnytRain3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I don't think anyone, save for a few of us, will ever understand that.

JsonHenry3025d ago

I can almost understand where he is coming from. I HATED Team Fortress 2 on the Xbox. If that were the only platform that I played it on I would swear the game was horrible.

However, I have it on Steam.. and the game is fantastic. But just because I love it I don't expect everyone else to love it.

RankFTW3025d ago

I hated TF2 when it first came out on PC but now I have 700 hours on medic alone :D.

callahan093025d ago

The critics did the same to MAG. Games that truly shine when people get together and act as a team and support each other through the various skills afforded by the different classes as only a balanced team can have... those games are games that critics just don't appreciate.

Saladfax3025d ago

I'd say what turns me off most about Brink is that it sounds like a watered-down version of TF2, less polished, less balanced, more expensive, and containing less content.

Sure, TF2 only had 7 or so maps when it was first released, but it also only cost 20 bucks, less if you got it in the Orange Box. Nowadays, it only costs 10 and has fifty times as much content.

I'm not saying TF2 is super ungodly amazing, but the price to polish/content/everythingelse ratio reaaaaally favors one of the two.

superrey193025d ago

Its not fair to compare the two since tf2 has been out for years and has had hundreds of updates to improve it. I really like brink but i wish they added more multiplayer modes. I know they want people to play as a team but some good ol fashioned deathmatch wouldnt hurt. Unfortunately brink wont have the amount of post release support that valve gave tf2.

frostypants3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

MAG had legitimate issues that had nothing to do with the team aspects. For me, it looked and *felt* like a last-gen FPS (didn't like the controls, weapons seemed generic, felt unpolished), and the awesome team aspects weren't enough to counter that for me.

ASSASSYN 36o3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

We have to stop hating games because others hate it. And team fortress 2 is a watered down version of RTCW. Brink plays just like Return to castle wolfenstien on the Xbox and pc.

Greywulf3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Fun is one thing. Enjoying, thats another. You can have fun with anything guys.. even a ball & cup. But its different if the ball & cup was lead on to be something spectacular. Its not. "AMAZING" new footage "BREATHTAKING" blah blah, brink was littered with this stuff.

Brink had a bit of hype surrounding it. Its failing to meet up to its performance/next gen mp engine boasting, and overall expectations. Mainly, by its own developer and the 360 audience trumpeting it as a reason to not care about Killzone3... This and Bulletstorm are all just quick cash ins, but at least bulletstorm performed well. Brink would have been received as yet another just sheer "well its fun!" type title.

Reviewers are grading it for what the developers claimed it would be, and it fell short. Like how Gt5 was killed for not delivering on its claims fully.

AlaDouche3024d ago

Mmmmm, I don't think so. I think this game delivered exactly what it promised. Whether or not people held it higher than what they were explaining is something else entirely.

This game is exactly what it wanted to be. Granted that's not everyone's cup of tea, and I totally understand that, but if I'm a reviewer, I'm not going to grade a game down because I'm not interested in this certain type of game.

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-Mezzo-3025d ago

I am getting this game regardless of Reviews, because according to the Videos it looks like something i would enjoy.

KDubyah3025d ago

That's my opinion about the game, as well ..
I loved the way the game looked, so I bought it.
That's for many of other games, just as well. :)

mrv3213025d ago

They where sold the wrong game, they where expecting more singleplayer, they didn't get it. I think if they seperated he single and multiplayer so you are so reliant on your team this is a solid 8/10 game. However the singleplayer seems to be last thing they worked on and didn't really do anything.

TheDivine3025d ago

I was expecting a solid singleplayer and im darn dissapointed because it couldve been amazing. Now il just rent it as im not big on multi.

KeiserSosay47883025d ago

I've been playing the PC version non-stop(except right now) and I can't believe some of the scores it has received. Maybe reviews should include ALL versions of the game before consumers decide not to play this game based off of primarily bad console reviews.

Chaos693025d ago

90% of reviewers, reviewed the console version and that version is (from what I've heard) pretty unfinished.
So it's Bethesda's fault for not giving the devs more time to polish their game.

N4g_null3025d ago

yeah the game is pretty sick. I'm loving every thing about it so far. You can play it like an old FPS but it's much better as a team game.

NeoTribe3025d ago

A bad game is a bad game. Just cuz pc looks better dont make it play better.

MysticStrummer3025d ago

Many people are enjoying it. It's possible that your opinion about what makes a game good or bad isn't the only viewpoint in the world.

badz1493025d ago

"A bad game is a bad game" - your claim is based on what? IGN review? I bet you haven't play the game at all yet believe the negative reviews!

I'm not saying it's good or bad as I haven't play it either but seems like it's getting mix reviews which means the game is either a hit or a miss with the gaming crowd. so...concluding it as a BAD game is just plain wrong!

mamotte3025d ago

A bad gamer is a brand gamer

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