SOCOM 4 stats updated, internal PSN testing going on

Before you roll your eyes and sigh at yet another PSN related article, at least be grateful that it isn’t one focused on tossing more mud at Sony. The SOCOM 4 leaderboards updated yesterday, which means there’s some internal testing going on with developers and Sony.

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Dart894409d ago

Holy jeezus 79,520 people playing socom 4 o_o.

Pandamobile4409d ago

That's not concurrent, just so you know.

Soldierone4409d ago

That's 79k people that happened to get on the day before PSN went sure its much larger.

saladthieves4408d ago

For those wondering about the link in the article about the guy who has been playing since May 10th here:

Pandamobile4409d ago

Anyone else lol at the ad on the article?
"Vulnerability Management for Dummies"

TheSpoiler4409d ago


I didn't even notice that. Good eye, sir.

OC_MurphysLaw4409d ago

hopefully those numbers are not worldwide and reflective of the actual game sales...because if so that is pretty horrid. And hopefully that is only pre-PSN D-day online numbers.

InLaLaLand4409d ago (Edited 4409d ago )

New games released in Europe is usually released on Thursday (if you get it from the GAME website) and Friday.

joydestroy4409d ago

yeah it really sucked me and my bro got this game for co-op and then before we could play the PSN went down. was pretty sad about it at the time. still itching to get on here. games are starting to back up at my house now regarding MP. guess i should just stop buying PS3 games until it's back up?

TheSpoiler4409d ago

Nah, just play some single player modes to pass the time.

Though I'm not completely sure I would buy something like Brink...

joydestroy4409d ago

i was doing custom missions to unlock weapon mods but i don't wanna unlock it all and have nothing else to play for when co-op comes back. so i'm pretty much done with that game until the network comes back.

if the AI wasn't so ridiculously bad in Brink, then it would be a lot more fun solo. but it's frustrating sometimes. i'll be laying there bleeding out waiting for the AI to help me up and they never come sometimes. and don't even think they're going to hold some ground for you. you basically have to mow down the baddies yourself to get the front line pushed forward

blumatt4409d ago (Edited 4409d ago )

Nah, man. Just play some SP games. Lots of good ones out. Play some older SP games like Uncharted 2, InFamous, or Gran Turismo 5, etc. PSN will be back up soon and then you can enjoy your stockpiled multiplayer games on your PS3.

Yeah, I'm glad at least you, me, and some other people in this world still enjoy single player games. Online is awesome, I'll admit, but it's not the "end-all be-all" of gaming. BTW, I wish I still had my God of War Collection. :)

outwar60104409d ago

ive replayed god of war collection and part 3, infamous good and bad, splinter cell conviction and i just started an old save of oblivion trying to bring the local population into oblivion (lol see what i did there) im afraid that im becoming more sadistic in game without psn online lol

InLaLaLand4409d ago (Edited 4409d ago )

Get Yakuza 3 and Yakuza 4, both are cheap. Great Japanese series from Sega.

KillerPwned4409d ago

Off topic i love examiner they always have such good articles.

On Topic it is great to hear its coming along well if they are testing games. Then i assume everything must be just about in place and ready to be put back online for us.

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