GamerLiveTV: Splash Damage's Brink Is A Lesson In Revolution With Shortcomings In Execution

That statement, "not executed to the best of its ability" is probably the best way to some up GamerLiveTV's experience with Brink. GamerLiveTV is kind of indifferent to the whole experience. Sure, there are some great concepts here--being able to customize your character and taking it online and earning experience points to customize your character regardless of what game mode you are playing in.

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Rybakov3020d ago

erm Brink is awesome stop trying to play it as call of duty and maybe you will realize that its a REAL multiplayer game where you have to work together

Dead_Cell3020d ago

Will you fuck off with comments like that?
Games live and die on their own merit, not because they are judged on whether they are Call of Duty or not, they are judged on how good the game is as a whole.

"not executed to the best of their ability", that sums up Brink completely. It tried. It works. It doesn't work great.

NYC_Gamer3020d ago

just because something is awesome to you does not mean others have to feel the same way

Rybakov3020d ago

thats true but every review always complains about actually having objectives or comparing it to call of duty which is BS leave the crap games out of reviews

ToucanSamIAm3020d ago

Where in this review did they complain about that? If anything they complemented the seamless multiplayer experience--no mention of Call of Duty whatsoever.

Dead_Cell quoted the article best "not executed to the best of its ability." It made no comparison to Call of Duty--and actually noted how the game attempted to differentiate itself.

TheMortyMan3020d ago

And when on earth did 7/10 become a bad score? I agree with Dead_Cell and ToucanSamIAm the article made ZERO mention of Call of Duty so I'm not sure where you are coming off with that comment.

"It's difficult to tell when you're online and when you're playing with bots and this is very much a positive aspect of the game. Brink was meant to blur the lines between offline and online gameplay and it is highly successful at doing this."

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Tripl3seis3020d ago

guys should i get this game or l.a. noire im not sure yet god damnn this is hard lol.

Lyr1c3020d ago

L.A. Noire.

I got Brink, played it for a little over an hour, and couldn't stand anymore.

I traded it in the first day I got it. Not because I wish it were COD (I hate COD), but because it wasn't what the previews made it out to be. I was expecting a mix of Battlefield, Team Fortress 2, and Counter Strike. What I got was their skinless, brainless, boneless clone.

The weapons feel terrible and generic. The level design is horrible (You'd think that with having free-running as one of your selling points, you'd be smart enough not to confine people to a narrow building 80% of the time.), the SMART system is awkward, and the objectives are way too basic.

I may get thumbed down, but I'm just trying to give a fellow gamer some personal insight.

Tripl3seis3020d ago

Thank you sir ill give u a bub for ur honesty and because u were helpful yea I'm getting l.a noire is looking fantastic is rockstar after all they noe their thing.

Lyr1c3020d ago


You can't go wrong with Rockstar :P