Pocket Gamer: Patapon 3 Review

Pocket Gamer: One of the most original games on the PSP, Patapon stood out thanks to its utterly charming art style and bizarre rhythm-action gameplay.

It’s sequel, however, was derided as sullying the series a little, needlessly over-complicating the intoxicating simplicity of the first game. Unfortunately, Patapon 3 is more like the sequel than the original.

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Allowen3343d ago

Talk about what people that did not play the previous two Patapon games will think about P3.

That was my case, I bought Patapon 3 and I never played the other 2 games.
At the beginning I did not like it much bc was too hard and confusing.

But then I insisted playing it and now I am LOVING IT a lot !
It is like a Demon's Souls rpg difficulty style what requires a lot dedication to put on this game if you want to WIN.

And don't forget that Patapon 3 is a $20 dolars game and because that as well I give Patapon a 9 out 10.

ShadowArchangel3343d ago

Indeed. But the other two games were harder. This one is still hard lol But yeah.

I just beat it :D Love every second.