The Most Overlooked Peripherals that Could Have Been Great

"There have been tons of successful peripherals over the years. The Wavebird still is one of the most sought after peripherals for the Gamecube. The Zapper for the original Nintendo will always be the iconic light gun. On the flip side their have been many that have failed to impress or flat out had no purpose."

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ShyGuy133138d ago

Playstation Move could easily end up on an article like this next year, same goes for Kinect...

HeavenlySnipes3138d ago

sold millions. How could they be overlooked?

rabidpancakeburglar3138d ago

I think the live vision camera was overlooked because there just isn't a lot of people who desire to masturbate in front of a family playing uno, there's still some though

GunShotEddy3137d ago

haha. seriously! Like every other time I played Uno, there was a dong on cam for one of the players.

darthv723138d ago

the gba wireless adapters work really well but not enough games for it. My wife and I compete in Dr Mario using those. Shame Nintendo didnt think it through to work for any multiplayer GBA game. Mario Kart would have been better without the cord.

The live vision....that is the camera people should be comparing to the eyetoy. Not the kinect. I guess many didnt even know it existed. I use it on my PS3 for video chat in place of the PSEye (mainly cause i dont have one). It worked great on the 360 for video chat and it works good (albeit no sound) on the ps3.

Motion plus....what can I say. I have 4 of them and it is really disheartening to know that even nintendo hasnt added support for their bigger games like SMG or mario kart. Now that they are including the wii-mote+ with every system you would think they would enforce some kind of use for it.

I have a few VMU's. One dedicated just for import saves. That thing just sucks up those CR2032 batteries like crazy. As for the SegaCD...far from overlooked. Anyone with a genesis more than likely got one as there are hundreds of games available for it. Where it faltered was in the abuse (yes abuse) of the FMV craze. The unit was capable of more with animation and their own brand of mode 7 effects. Yet it was the FMV that ruined it.

Godmars2903138d ago

The PSeye may well be on that list given that its been over shadowed by Move.

GunShotEddy3138d ago

Might want to put PS Move on there along with it.

vgn243138d ago

Give it time, but I admit mines collecting dust. I prefer my Dual Shock 3. I think there are people who like Move, but it's a fad to me.

HeavenlySnipes3138d ago

the PSeye is part of the Move package. I use the oneI got as a mic. Its really helpful. Some Move games even incorporate it into the game along with the move, like beat sketchers, eyepet ect..

charlescox43138d ago

What about ROB for the NES?

vgn243138d ago

Cause moving discs could have added a lot to gaming huh?

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