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360/Mediocre, PS3/Moderate to Strong, Wii/Strong: Holiday Gaming Outlook By CNET

CNET Author Don Reisinger reports:

Now that NPD has released September 2007 figures, it strikes as quite interesting that so many people were taken aback by the Xbox 360's jump to first place in hardware sales. In fact, if you remember an article I wrote back in September, it would have told you everything you needed to know about hardware sales for September.

But instead, there are a host of journalists and pundits making such a big deal out of the Xbox 360's rise, as if it wasn't expected. As I've said here hundreds of times before: videogames sell consoles, not the other way around.

So, with that in mind, I thought it would be nice to take a look at what is coming soon to a console near you and discuss what I think will happen by the time January rolls around. And while I still believe the Wii is a fad and Sony has some work to do, my conclusions may surprise you.

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ElementX6082d ago (Edited 6082d ago )

Lame article! It says "videogames sell consoles, not the other way around." Yet he only mentions Mario Galaxy for the Wii and doesn't even mention ANY games for the PS3. I think the 360 has the best lineup because there are simply more games. I'm not anti Sony, however I think with two years of games under the belt, the 360 does have more appeal to the mass market.

People will definitely consider the new lower priced PS3 model, however they'll also be looking at the selection of games. I go to Gamestop (yeah, i know) and see one shelf of ps3 games and 3 shelves of 360 games.

ElementX6082d ago

Nice, a disagree. Lets hear your statement.

MK_Red6082d ago

I agree with you on the Wii front. "Videogames sell consoles" and yet none of the big games of holiday is coming for Wii aside from Mario Galaxy.
Do they even realise how much sales games like Call of Duty 4, Assassin's Creed and Rock Band could bring? Even Guitar Hero 3 has better chance on PS3, 360, PS2 and PC because the average casual Wii owners won't spend so much money on a game.

crazy250006082d ago

"the 360 does have more appeal to the mass market"

i disagreed with this because of the lineups and pricecut for the ps3......i know a lot of people that have been waiting for the price cut and the games that they want, especially mgs4

The Swordsman6082d ago

While I do not agree entirely with your post Element X, I do agree with your point about the Wii. The Xbox 360 has already released some great games in the last month, with Mass Effect still to come, while the PS3 has released both Warhawk and Heavenly Sword recently, and have two great games, Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank Future, yet to come. But the Wii? The last good exclusive it had was Metroid Prime 3, and before that Super Paper Mario, and before that... I actually don't think there was any good exclusive before that. And now, the only exclusive worth purchasing this Christmas for the Wii is Super Mario Galaxy, and after that it's a long waith until Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

b777conehead6082d ago

i disagree theirs a bunch of great ps3 games coming out now and all thru 2008 and beyond and if i am a parent i'm going to buy the more reliable console .so my kids wouldn't get up set at having to ship the 360 for repairs the ps3 game libary will only continue to grow and grow

unsunghero286082d ago

Why is it that Super Mario Galaxy is the only game ever mentioned for Wii? Don't ask me. Well, it will be the bestselling Wii (possibly all platform) game of the holiday season. But that's not the point.

The Wii's also got Manhunt 2, Battalion Wars 2, Fire Emblem, Naruto, and DBZ coming, all exclusives. Those are pretty big software titles for a lot of gamers.

JasonXE6082d ago (Edited 6082d ago )

He contradicts himself and say nothing about the ps3 lineup. All he had to say was "ps3 cost less so its going to have a surge". So can't the 360 do the same thing? Then he tries to act all high and mighty to say "I predicted the outcome of september but every game media outlet seems surpise". We all knew already retard. Mass effect is a goty cand. and it hasn't even came out yet. That should atleast carry it till jan. along with other great multiplatform games along with the ps3 lineup. Wii, super mario.. k, what else?

"Yet he only mentions Mario Galaxy for the Wii and doesn't even mention ANY games for the PS3."

jessupj6082d ago

while i'm planning the buy a ps3, i think this guy is a little bias. 360 and ps3 both have great line ups. but i don't agree with the 'parents buying the ps3 when the wii sells out statement'. i'd like to believe it, but the 360 is slightly cheaper. there's a lot of mindless parents out there that arn't educated about current consoles (specially soccer mums) and will most likely grab the 360 without a second though. however the price is very close so they might ask the retail assistants and make an informed opinion, that's what i'd like to see anyway.

bottom line, i think the ps3 and 360 will be about even but we'll see what happens.

sanderFVCKINcohen6082d ago

This holiday season PS3 NNNEEEDDDDSSS, I repeat, NNNEEEDDSSS to do better than the 360 this comeing holiday. They need to make people want to buy a PS3 for the holidays with hopes that its not only Final Fantasy or MGS4 they have as there only big guns. If they fail at sailing more consoles this comeing holiday than 360, than I believe they are going to have a very hard time.

WonderboyIII6082d ago

The Wii covers an area the 360 and the PS3 don't cover. its nearly independent set by itself and the intersection or common ground between it and other hardware is minimal. So the Wii is safe as long as it continues to feed its customers. The 360 and PS3 are fighting for the same land. The 360 has the larger install base, and the bigger library. That forced third party exclusive to come its way. That with the multiplatform games and few inhouse exclusive pushed it where it is. The only way the PS3 can compete is by producing more inhouse exclusives to help them accelerate their install base. The developers are fearing the ps3 wont sell their products and since there are difficulties with the cell development, this is giving them more reasons to wing and complain. PS3 need to send teams to developers to help out until they are familiar more with the cell. They need to educate and support those studios whenever possible.(They probably are, but is that enough?) The 360 needs to keep games coming and no matter where they come from they will help it stay strong.
This is not the time for PS3 to be even. Their well known inhouse studios should show us what a ps3 can do...before it is too late and the install base of the 360 triples or quadruples the ps3 base. Sure MGS,and FF will help, but are they that hard to be ported to a 360? If the PS3's base isnt too large, are they going to cover the cost of development? PS3 needs third party games that a 360 port (if ported) will be laughed on, and that wont happen until it uses its inhouse studios to raise its install base. Otherwise the cell would be nothing to third party developers just like the stronger saturn to a weaker playstion was also nothing to them. We as gamers, do not wish that to happen, as it will take many games away from us.

Developers can be loyal, but in the end of the day, money is what brings the bread to the table.

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MK_Red6082d ago

Wow, CNETs is either misinformed or just plain dumb.

Wii looking strong!? Aside from Mario Galaxy, Wii is DEAD this Holiday.
Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Uncharted, UT3, Haze, Rock Band, Call Of Duty 4, Jericho, Soldier Of Fortune, Ratchet & Clank PS3 are the hottest games of holiday and last time I checked NONE of them are coming for Wii.
PC has a better situation than Wii and few of those games as well as Crysis are coming for PC.

PS3 and 360: Strong
PC: Mediocre
Wii: Weak

Skerj6082d ago

Hahaha you're so right again MK. Wii actually has 2 more games in Nights 2 and No More Heroes, but it's still dwarfed by the competition's lineup.

jcgamer6082d ago

I agree...BOTH 360 and PS3 line-ups for holiday 07 look very strong...I'm excited for both...I would call a tie because of the exceptional third-party that is multiplatform...and first party is simply a matter of taste, though I agree that the PS3 certainly has more first party games to choose from...the Wii would be last in my opinion...however, I approved this story simply because everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it will be interesting to see what our fellow N4G's what do the rest of you guys think?

*My top picks are Mass Effect and Uncharted*

MK_Red6082d ago

Skerj, good point and thanks for mentioning NiGHTs and No More Heroes. They are both games that I'm really anticipating but don't think they'll sell much, speciall NMH from Killer 7 creator Suda 51.

jcgamer, great comment. My top pick is Assassin's Creed followed by Mass Effect, UT3, Call of Duty 4 and Uncharted.

jcgamer6082d ago

that's a great list you got there too bro...I'll most likely play Assassin's Creed at some many to play...but that's the fun...

Snipes206082d ago

I don't think so.

IF you look into it, the Wii has more titles coming out this Holiday season than the other two consoles. BUT a good chunk of those titles are shovelware/poor remakes/short-dev-cycle games. The other titles look good, though. MOHH2 looks to be a great shooter, so does BiA:Double Time, and BWii. How about about rail shooters. Ghost Squad, RE:UC, and Zelda. They are all strong titles. Manhunt 2 anyone? I know that title is NOT a casual one. Maybe NiGHTS is what it takes. Or Mario Galaxy. Fire Emblem is probably one of the best strategy games coming out. How about GHIII? That should be good. Mario and Sonic looks awesome. That's not good enough for you then how about these? Trauma Center: New Blood, Zack and Wiki, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, Soulcaliber Legends, and Rygar: Battle of Argus.

No, the Wii lineup isn't weak and the Wii isn't dead. I could argue for the 360 or the PS3, but other people have made valid points with their lists, so I won't repeat them.

I think all the home consoles have strong lineups one way or another. What matters more is what TYPE of games you like; that will determine which console is more of a value to you this Holiday season.

DeckUKold6082d ago

and those people don't no anything about those games why because nintendo is a bad marketing company. those games is actually better than the 360 /ps3 assasins creed looks corny and can't be compared to POP all it has is the athletics but the fighting is trash

Mass effect OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG i never saw that TRASHEST SH!T IN MY LIFE i thought it was hot but then i saw a video and EWWWWWWWW listen im being real i swear but how can u like that piece of SH!T it sound like silencers with big guns show me a crazy vid of it PLZ cause if that is it i'll stick with atari's et it's a 50's movie star warz is a WHOLE LOT BETTER so plz without showing me proof DO NOT ABSOLUTELY DO NOT MENTION MASS EFFECT AGAIN

uxo226082d ago (Edited 6082d ago )

Gentlemen, that was excellent. I swear this was the FIRST time I read at least 10 comments in a row after a possible flamebait article where everyone acted as gentlemen and ladies (if appl.)

I applaud you all, this is all I ever wanted to see on this site, a bunch of guys with different consoles, actually disagreeing and agreeing with one another and doing it in a mature way. No one bashed the other console (except for a couple of guys tried to a little bit but it was ignored by the others.)

Overall, GREAT reading. And I agree with you all, the CNET guy is a bonehead looking for some attention, but the attention is got was the attention that says "he doesn't really know what the hell he's talking about." I hope all three console have records sales this holiday seasons because to me that means I will have plenty of PS3 and 360 titles to keep me busy until spring. GO GAMING!

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Nicosia6082d ago

its funny about this blog post its pretty sour about games. I think he forgot that COD4 beta was exlcusive to the xbox360, which has a lot of people impressed. Also you can't deny the x360 has a larger install base, which means the percentage of people buying it will be higher (we will see how it plays out). The sony ps3 prediction is pretty strong, but like he said the upcoming games are not something to overly brag about. But its to much on the selling of the ps3 because of the lower price....while the xbox360 talks about the games... mmm..kinda weird.

ElementX6082d ago

Yeah, 360's larger install base. People play it at a friend's place and they "want one too". I see the PS3 doing well also, but I think the 360 will be right up there in terms of sales.

Nicosia6082d ago

Thats what i'm saying, people who have the xbox360 will be buying most of the multi-plat games. In europe its a pretty big diffrence, lets say you buy a console 400+70 euro for a game its a pretty big stump. But people who already have the x360 will go for the x360 version no matter what revieuws say. The ps3 has a strong exlcusive lineup..which will sell because of the base, multi will mosly sell on other consoles.

drtysouf216082d ago (Edited 6082d ago )

is that people don't factor in all the games that are already out for each system.

360 has a great lineup already released
PS3 has a great lineup already released
Wii has an ok lineup but I've been bored with it for months

People are not only buying consoles this holiday for whats coming out they are also buying it for whats already been released so i don't know why none of these article take that into consideration.

MK_Red6082d ago

Superb point. I for one will be getting PS3 for all the PS3 games not just Uncharted and R&C. I love Lair ( I know what you think but I'm just a Factor-5 fanboy, HS and MotorStorm.
Seriously, Aside from Zelda TP and Metorid Prime 3, Wii has not great game.

And the thing I want to mention is that people will also be getting consoles for their future games. When people bought 360s, last christmas, most of them bought the consoles for Halo 3 and other future games.
Many people will be the now cheaper PS3 for it's future games like MGS4, FFXIII and God of War 3. The same goes for 360 and games like Alan Wake, Fable 2 and Gears of War 2.

Aside from SSBB, Wii has NO game for 2008 unless one considers WiiFit a "game". (Which I don't and think of WiiFit more of an overpriced Scale)