Modern Warfare 3 to Feature Bigger Story

While still unannounced, sources who have seen the game in action tell Kotaku that the next Call of Duty will be a Modern Warfare 3 that pushes the bar on what people have come to expect from the series. And it hits this fall.

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rabidpancakeburglar2716d ago

I don't see it being that much bigger

Dart892716d ago

I wonder if by longer they mean 30 more seconds added to the story.

rabidpancakeburglar2716d ago

No way, it will almost certainly be at least 2 minutes

awiseman2716d ago

That would mean bring the total single player length to...31 seconds in all.. NICE!

AllroundGamer2716d ago

30 seconds more aiming your gun or knife in slow motion at the final bad guy :D

limewax2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Way I see it, all these articles on next CoD being bigger is just an attempt to grab attention from BF3. It wont be any longer of course, they lied through and through about Black Ops why would they stop now?

ilikestuff2716d ago

i plan on buying it used from gamestop to beat the "bigger" storymode within a week (smart money says i can beat it in one sitting) and then returning it within the week for all my money back. boom! free rental! see? gamestop isnt all that bad

vickers5002715d ago

Ugh, just do away with the story all together. Nobody plays Call of Duty games for the story. I'd rather have an extra 20+ maps (in addition to the 15-20 it will probably include even if it did have a campaign) making it like 40+ maps (well, maybe not that much now that I think about it) and an extra 20 weapons or so.

And have them spend the time on multiplayer to make sure it's balanced, functional (glitch/bug/connection issue free) and to make sure the maps don't suck.

That's what I think they should do with what they have, since they have no freaking plans to change their engine or do any major upgrades, so they should at least jam that sh** full of content and make it work properly.

Greywulf2715d ago


I know I'm not alone here...

Black Ops story was amazingly stupid/rambling/all over the place.. just kept setting up scenarios to blow things up. The guys interrogating you yet he knows everything..

Its long, but the bad type of long. MW when you jumped on the boat, now that was a good/action movie/story.

And its so hard to watch the game pan out due to the engine being so terrible. The lip sync is bad, the visuals are lacking, the animation is mediocre...

Am I alone?

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Solid_Snake-2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

the last decent cod single player was WAW. it was challenging on veteran. it was fairly long in gameplay. and the story was pretty good.

id say call of duty 2 (not MW2) on veteran was the most difficult and gripping single player. my fave 1.
although cod4's was a master piece it was too easy on vet.

cochise3132716d ago

And that's what she said

El-Fenemeno12132716d ago

So much hype around this game. I will not fall into it XO. Don't need to be disappointed again.

Fishy Fingers2716d ago

Great, I actually enjoy the COD (specifically MW) campaigns so the bigger the better for me.

Blacktric2716d ago

Agreed. I wish they weren't too short though.

Fishy Fingers2716d ago

Me too, but it does allow for a constant spectical, rather than just sticking in a load of 'filler'.

Kingdom Come2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

The Modern Warfare Storylines are quite good, Infinity Ward were brilliant designers of characters and were capable of creating engaging plotlines and characteristics, however, Black Ops' story was just recycled elements of films...

gamingdroid2716d ago

I enjoyed CoD MW series as well. The campaings were fantastic and looking very much forward to spec ops!

Shackdaddy8362716d ago

I liked MW1's story but I have to disagree on Blops and MW2. If you look carefully, you will see a massive amount of holes in each story.

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Kingdom Come2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

"Modern Warfare 3 to Feature Bigger Story"

In other words, they'll copy off MORE Films!

Call of Duty Black Ops:

The Deer Hunter:

Fishy Fingers2716d ago

Or that could be seen as paying homage as the subject matter is similar and the movie is incredibly well known and respected.

rookeagle2716d ago

I have no problem playing movies :D fun <3

chazjamie2716d ago

I do, because they only 2 hours like most of the campaigns

PaPa-Slam2716d ago

Destructible Environment means, it has to have Dedicated servers.

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