Hamilton's Great Adventure Delayed Indefinitely for the PSN

Hamilton's Great Adventure release date moved to the end of May for the PC. PSN release date unknown due to outage.

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ftwrthtx2813d ago

The new fallout DLC and the Black Ops DLC is affected as well.

TerminalGamer2813d ago

The hackers seem to be winning the war right now.

sloth33952813d ago

never heard of that game

ftwrthtx2813d ago

It looks and sounds interesting. These are the same guys that made Lead & Gold and that was an OK game.

ChronoJoe2813d ago

There's a surprise.

One would think it goes without saying, that any PSN games won't be getting released whilst PSN is down.

ftwrthtx2813d ago

You would think that all of these games won't be released at the same time once it does come back up. Makes me wonder how the publishers will treat their new releases.

TerminalGamer2813d ago

I'd hate to see 25 games all released at the same time.