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Mandaspt3133d ago

Let's cross fingers for totally new game this time.

young juice3133d ago

i dont want totally new. the entire tenkaichi series was a godsend. i spent more time on those than i have any current gen game. perfect game to play with friends who also follow the dragonball series.

i want tenkaichi 4 but throw in some really cool things y'know?

colonel1793133d ago

They need to either cynically copy Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games, or have to do something entirely new, for a DBZ game to be good again.

MakiManPR3133d ago

Amen, Ninja Storm games are just masterpieces with those badass animations and graphics that almost look like the anime

Quagmire3133d ago

I want a game DBZ game like that, but make it into an RPG. DBZ is in dire need of an RPG.

MakiManPR3133d ago

@Quagmire there's a RPG DBZ game is for NDS and IMO is amazing didn't know DBZ could fit perfectly in a RPG. Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans is its name.

Led-Zeppelin3133d ago

That showed absolutely nothing new. Need to actually see gameplay.

Mizz_mai3133d ago

eeergh....haven't we seen this before???

Neko_Mega3133d ago

I hope this is as good as Tenkaichi 3 and has a huge character list.

Raging Blast 2 was ok but their wasn't a story mode.

Dart893133d ago

They say it's going to have the tenkaichi game play.
Watch this video.

Neko_Mega3133d ago

They say that alot and they find some way to screw it up. I'm a big DBZ fan but it doesn't mean I'll buy anything that just says DBZ.

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The story is too old to be commented.