NXT Gamer: Gatling Gears Review

NXT Gamer's Duncan reviews Gatling Gears...

"There’s a welcome sense of whimsy about Gatling Gears. Despite all the shooting, noise and explosions the game entails (and it entails a lot) it feels breezy and charming throughout. This is partly due to its cartoony steampunk art style, and colourful levels, but mostly because it refuses to take itself seriously."

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DelbertGrady4812d ago

XBLA keeps getting quality games. Gonna try this out and I can't wait for Sega Rally Online.


NA PlayStation Plus Update: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Free for Members

Posted by Morgan Haro // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms -

January is almost over, and we have one more Plus update for you, but first let’s reminisce on this month’s offerings, shall we? Plus member freebies included NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, Darksiders, Mega Man 9 and 10, along with Foosball 2012, and we there were some awesome deals with the 13 for ’13 discounts (last day is today). Topping it all off was access to the God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta, and the 12+3 Plus promotion where you can buy one year of Plus and get three extra months at no additional cost; which is active right now.
We’re sending January off by welcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus for PS Vita, free for Plus members! There are also some amazing PSN gems at fantastic prices that you may have missed. Read on and enjoy the update, which takes effect when the PlayStation Store updates on January 29th.

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Godchild10204183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Happy to see Ninja Gaiden Sigma on Plus for the Vita. Just in time for the second one.

ABizzel14183d ago

They should have done the PS3 and PSV versions, but still a new / old Vita game is always welcomed.

doogiebear4183d ago

Your not entitled to both. Stop crying, and learn to appreciate. Have u ANY idea how many free games, deals, etc we already got in January alone?

UnSelf4183d ago

FYI: people are not necessarily disagreeing wit ur statement just with ur attitude

ABizzel14183d ago


You seem to be the one throwing a hissy fit. I was just saying it would have made sense to release both version seeing how the original is over 7 years old on the PS3.

I still have the original Sigma, it just would have been nice for everyone to get both since not everyone has a Vita. Which I have as well.

Think before you speak, you come off as rude and obnoxious. Neither of which are appealing qualities.

4183d ago
Axe994183d ago

I don't think Sigma for PS3 is on the PSN though is it? Would have been a big ask for them to mail a copy out to every PS+ subscriber if not.

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Snookies124183d ago

Heck yes! I always wanted to play this on PS3 and Vita, yet never got the chance to own it. This'll be great. Man I love PS Plus...

UltraVegito4183d ago

Wow NGS+ this week,you done well SCEA you done well.

Never did gotten around to it and was thinking about purchasing it before NGS2+ but guess i won't have to ^^

Simon_Brezhnev4183d ago

I will admit i dont have to buy too many vita games. They do give us better Vita titles than PS3 titles.

4183d ago
IAmLee4182d ago

For the EU users:
We get:
Sleeping Dogs – February 6th

Quantum Conundrum – February 6th

F1 Race Stars – February 6th

WipEout 2048 – February 13th

Lumines Electronic Symphony – February 20th


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Merrill4183d ago

Glad I didn't renew my membership.

Temporary4183d ago

lol...yeah getting dozens of free games for 50$ a year and awesome discounts is such a horrible deal.

dazzrazz4183d ago

Maybe he was referring they offer games he has no interest in ? Its not like we are all the same and like same games duuuuhhh !

Biggest4183d ago

He must not be interested in games at all.

Temporary4183d ago

There are too many games PS+ offer for someone not to enjoy any of them...he's just trolling...there's something for EVERYONE on the PS+ instant game collection...and most of the games are actually VERY good...

I understand someone may not enjoy a game they release one week, but to make a statement insinuating that the whole PS+ instant game service is not worth it is ridiculous.

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Merrill4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

I love my PS3, but PS PLUS has been lacking lately, unless you're in Europe where you get Sleeping Dogs for free in February.

I'll renew it if it gets better, until then I'll use that $50 for a Last of Us pre-order.

Riderz13374183d ago

Lol we just got DarkSiders, Bioshock 2 and RE 5 Gold Edition. How exactly have they been "lacking". Also this isn't the big PS3 game that we are supposed to get for the month. See the EU blog shows monthly update while NA does weekly so we will more than likely get a full retail PS3 game in the coming week.

Merrill4183d ago

Darksiders is mediocore game(IMO), Bioshock 2 is terrible, and Resident Evil 5... do I even need to say how many things are wrong with that game?

I'm happy other people are enjoying the update, I'm just glad I didn't renew as nothing has been tickling my fancy for quite sometime now.

Godchild10204183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

I understand that you may not like the games offered to you from Plus as of lately, but its not only about games that you have interest in, but games you would have never tried before.

There have been countless games offered to me on plus, that I would have never bought because I had little to no interest in it. I'm happy to be a plus member, because I can download a game for free at least once a week that I may not have played before. And If I did, I can have it on my Hard Drive and give my retail copy away.

I also favor the discounts on games due to being a plus member. I got LBPK for 10 dollars, Shank 2 and Warp for 2.50 and The Unfinished Swan for 3.75. I paid less than $20 dollars for games that would have normally ran me close to $80 or $100 dollars. Some of them I had no interest in and the potential lose of not liking them was at a minimum, because of the savings and the price for them.

That is just me though.

sandman2244183d ago

Dude, ps+ is far from lacking. I for one beat re5, bio2, and darksiders a long time ago. I was bummed that we didn't get duex x and won't get sleeping dogs. I got over it and I still think ps+ is one of the best things that ever happened to ps3. So keep your chin up son.

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doogiebear4183d ago ShowReplies(2)
DivineAssault 4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

greatness.. now ill be buying sigma 2 plus day uno.. As well as DOA 5plus

lovegames7184183d ago

Yes!!!! glad i do my yearly renewal every year!!!! Never bought Darksiders so i can enjoy that one and Ninja Gaiden Sigma for vita!!! Hell Yeah.
Just beed more space because both my ps3 HDD (250 gig) and vita are at its capacity.