Did Crysis 2 multiplayer miss that addictive ingredient? says: With the recent release date of the upcoming DLC map pack for Crysis 2 it has again sparked interest in the title. In our initial review of Crysis 2, we praised the multiplayer aspect of the game and that it did have that replay value present, provided that Crytek released more game modes/maps at a later stage. Crytek have foreseen this issue and are preparing the release of 4 additional new maps which is set to revitalize the game.

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taylork373136d ago

I cant keep playing multi because PSN is down, so the fundamental answer that question is yes.

BeaArthur3136d ago

I'm still playing. People probably stopped playing because there is a steep learning curve and they didn't want to take the time. They would just rather go back to their nukes and care packages.

Fishy Fingers3136d ago

Which would be strange seeing as it's basically, Call of Crysis.

BeaArthur3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

On the surface yes, but if you don't learn how to use the nano suit then you are going to get destroyed each and every time you play. The basics (shooting, perks and killstreaks) are familiar for everyone but the nano suit takes time and skill to learn.

BeastlyRig3136d ago

learning curve? the game is simpler than the first!

Tyre3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Not to consoles owners...think. i like the streamlined nanosuit controls makes the PC Crysis 1 controls look sluggish, but that has nothing to do with it....the connections aren't working as they should be....and the bugs aren't ironed out come on Crytek fix it. Makes u look like Epic Games where it took ages and loads of updates to fix the connections/lag/bugs etc etc for the Gears 1&2 mp...They finally got it right in the Gears 3 beta, but people let's not forget how many problems Epic Games had with Gears of War1&2 before we continue dissing Crytek. the Crysis 2 mp can be more easily fixed than the Gears 1&2 mp could be fixed...there are still problems with it but people just learned to life with it cause Epic couldn't fix em. Only now with the Gears 3 beta they seem to have learned...give Crytek a chance it is their 1st venture on consoles...they will learn.

BX813136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

@BeaArthur Naw, I think people stopped playing because it sucks balls to constantly be playing with crappy connections. You end up with more crappy connections than you do good ones. (360 version)

BeaArthur3136d ago

I play on the 360 and yeah there are definitely some bad connections at times but I find that a majority of the games have okay connections. Besides if has a bad connection all you have to do is leave the room and find a new one.

Fishy Fingers3136d ago

I got bored with the MP very quickly if I'm honest, found it a little slow and just a chore to play. Fancy visuals only keep you interested for so long. Not sure I'll bother with any DLC, but I'll see what's on offer before writing it off completely.

Septic3136d ago

It was great for a while but the lack of multiplayer modes and maps meant I lost my interest very quickly. It was a thoroughly enjoyable online game though.

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The story is too old to be commented.