Portal 2 DLC will include developing custom test chambers.

Valve has just announced that the first DLC for Portal 2 will give you the opportunity to make your own custom levels!

Portal 2 DLC will be available for free on the PC, MAC, XBOX 360, and PS3.

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lazertroy3139d ago

Should've been included in the game. Also It's free somethings fishy DVD limitations maybe???

Gratisfaction3139d ago

I agree, but at least there adding this so that Portal 2 won't be that forgetable. (game was short)

Bull5hifT3139d ago

They All Better be Solvable, thing i hate the most is trying to find a way to figure it out, just to find it was never meant to be solved' it drives me insane, better be a rating system to get rid of TROLOLOL Levels

RedDead3139d ago

Dvd limitations? Doubt it. Considering Half life 2, episode 1,2, Portal and Team fortress fit on just one.

Kamikaze1353139d ago

Should have, but that might have delayed the game. Especially since this is Valve we're talking about and they never charge for DLC. So we know they didn't purposely take out content just to charge us for it like some companies do.

Also, releasing it AFTER the game comes out is good because people wouldn't rush in to make crap and release it to the public. People will have a chance to screw around with the already included levels and get ideas from them. I can't wait to see some of the amazing things people will make.

MasterCornholio3138d ago

Agreed one of the very reasons why i love valve so much is that they are old school in the way that they dont charge for DLC. Well except on the 360 that is but thats because of the way XBOXlive is structured.

RockmanII73139d ago

Hrm, if I would have known about this I wouldn't have sold my disc. Oh well, I got $35 for it along with a $20 gift card from amazon from pre ordering it so I didn't lose much.

soundslike3139d ago

if you buy it back from amazon you wont have lost anything lol

Soldierone3138d ago

In fact you could buy it and sell the PC version for 30 or so dollars and still make a

lazertroy3139d ago

Exactlly I sold my copy already.

Vladplaya3139d ago

"developing custom test chambers." why can't they just say Map Editor?

Bull5hifT3139d ago

I was a pro at making Tony Hawk Custom Maps back in the day.... Wish Skate had that... Maby Twisted Metal would be fun, i have some good ideas

Grimhammer003139d ago

Pretty awesome. But how is it going to allow you to download others creations?
I guess it must be part of the dlc.

Personally, I'd rather have a side story with the ratman and how he managed to find the secret areas and such.

dragon823139d ago

Can't wait to try it out.

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