Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Collection announced

Square Enix releasing a few games on one disc.

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Dart892770d ago

Any word if it will come to NA??

Infernostew2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

HAHAHA. I wish but there is no chance in hell.

postofficebuddy2770d ago

Is this just a straight up ROM dump like the Mario collection? Honestly Squeenix, would it kill you to add some kind of enhancements?

jc485732770d ago

wonder if this was nintendo's idea

Knushwood Butt2770d ago

Probably. Trying to appease anyone that still thinks DQ X is going to be released for the Wii.

DA_SHREDDER2770d ago

I would play the old dragon warrior games over the new ones any day. BTW, its pretty sad they couldn't add Dragon Warrior 4 considering its the best out of the whole series. Im very disappointed. Very dumb indeed.

tweet752766d ago

id like to see Dq collection for the 3ds