L.A. Noire Themes Now Available on Xbox LIVE

LANoireDB writes - "Rockstar quietly released 2 new L.A. Noire themes on Xbox LIVE."


We added the videos showing these themes.

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2716d ago Replies(1)
DelbertGrady2716d ago

I hope they are as sweet as the game looks to be!

sickbird2716d ago

I hate not being able to preview themes, thats the main reason i dont buy any.

ECM0NEY2716d ago

wait a bit and look on youtube

BLAKHOODe2716d ago

I goto about a day or so after a theme is released and they usually have a preview posted. They have the LA Noire themes on there now.. the themes are not that bad, but the game's title is smack dab in the middle of them. I hate that. Some awesome looking themes have been ruined due to poor placement of a game's title.