TEA - Motorstorm Apocalypse 3D Preview

So, a day or two ago I had a nice surprise come in the mail. Motorstorm Apocalypse had arrived in my mailbox from Gamefly. As soon as I got it, I rushed in and poped it in. I most indefinitely needed something to occupy me off of the whole PSN fiasco, and I believed this game would do just that. I was a huge fan of the previous two in the series, and I didn’t doubt that this one wouldn’t let me down. I just felt a little pessimistic due to the fact that the media downsized the release of this game with the whole fiasco mentioned above going on. It would also be nice to note here that I had bought a 3d tv not too long ago. I loved Killzone 3 on my tv, I loved Wipout HD, I loved all I had tried before it (except Black Ops) and Motorstorm was suppose to set the bar higher. How could I not be more excited?

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-Mezzo-3133d ago

The first Motorstorm was amazing, it was actually the first game I ever bought for my Playstation 3 & i have been in love with the Series ever since.

Will get this game later next Month, (Money Problems) honestly i cannot wait to get my hands on this.

Kemicalbeliefs3133d ago

Apocalypse in 3d looks great. All the debris flying in your face, plus the depth when on buildings, looks superb.
Definitely one to play in 3d!