Alpha Protocol – terribly good? by Brash Games

Liam Pritchard writes "Alpha Protocol, Obsidian’s spy rpg was released by Sega last year to middling reviews and in my case, complete indifference. Don’t get me wrong, I was vaguely aware of its existence but said reviews combined with a general lack of buzz made Alpha Protocol a title that I was more than happy to let pass me by - it may sound harsh but as far as I was concerned, Alpha Protocol may well have never existed".

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mobijoker2714d ago

A masterpiece that was hampered by bugs.A masterpiece nonetheless.Obsidian should make AP2 under another publisher as Sega was not eager to support this.I wish someone gave Obsidian support like Bioware gets from EA.

shadowknight2032714d ago

Im not arguing this statement I simply wish to know: wasn't Sega the one that allowed Obsidian to delay the game multiple times because of bugs? Or what was it?

morganfell2714d ago

A masterpiece? Really? There are many things in that game that were inexcusable. Graphics do not make a game - they make it better, and in some instances (Splinter Cell stealth) graphics necessary to are gameplay mechanics. But AP is inexcusable. Even the PS2 looked better.

There was no animation blending and in this day and age that is simply without justification. Animations were horribly hand rendered.

The simplistic, flat models...atrocious.

Also the RPG aspect was nonsensical. Let me see if I understand this piece. My skill at negotiation will improve my accuracy in firearms. Really? Really? It is as if they took the skill tree and put it on one side of a page, actions on the other and drew random lines between them with no consideration to a common sense connection whatsoever.

Man In Black2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Now, how about the actual gameplay? Sure, it was fairly buggy, with crap graphics, but I felt it was fun to play, and the dialogue system is the best in any game I've played so far.

Graphics whore.

Also, where'd you get that thing about negotiation affecting firearm skill? Have you even played the game?

MeanOldman2714d ago

dude he said graphics dont make a game. dont like this guyt but hes right abuot thi

Man In Black2714d ago

Yes, he says that, and goes on to basically talk about graphics when criticizing the game, and one mention of RPG elements which sounds like complete bullshit.

CynicalVision2714d ago

I loved Alpha Protocol, for all the bugs it had it was still enjoyable and highly re-playable.

outwar60102714d ago

i thought it was amazing a few hiccups that i didnt mind plowing through like fallout

TheColbertinator2714d ago

I really enjoyed Alpha Protocol.It was fun from beginning to end.

outwar60102714d ago

does anyone know if they're making a sequel??????????

gravemaker2714d ago

they not, but Obdidian making "what AP meant to be" game

mobijoker2714d ago

Really???That would be a good news.Do you know its name?

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