The Xbox Live con, how to save $26 with a phone call

The process of canceling, or even turning the auto-renewal off, is painful in this day and age. You can’t just login to your account and untick the box or just go to, it requires a phone call to Xbox Support. So I called and after a 10 minute wait I got through to someone who then proceeded to ask me lots of security questions. When the Gold account auto-renews it does so at the full price you paid the year before. But the act of me attempting to cancel allowed the support person to offer me the same 12 month subscription for just £24 ($39). That’s a saving of $26 just for phoning up support.

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aviator1892718d ago

Wow, I've never had Xbox live for that cheap before. Seeing as how my live ends in about a month, I should try this out.

M4I0N32718d ago

yeah i did exactly what this article mentioned but 2 months ago and the guy on the phone offered me this deal plus 400 micro points and it was an offer i couldn't refuse. I'll do the same next year :)

NobleGamer2718d ago

Well I think Xbox Live should be free anyways for people who just want to play online, and not that whole load of trash that they promote and say its worth it with useless features.

Xbox Live should be free, MS just scamming gamers.

gamingdroid2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Personally, I think the jerk down the street should sell me his beach front property for $100k without all the extra things I think is [email protected] Asking price of 2 million is ridiculous.

It's good for you there are other options then... That is what the seller is offering, take it or leave it!

banditgoon2718d ago

that is a pretty good deal, but MS should not have their customers jump through rings of fire just to cancel their account

Johnny Jiron2718d ago

True. Maybe MS tried taking note of online porn and figured people would be embarrassed to cancel their sub if having to deal with a real person...not that'd is know anything bout canceling porn o.O'

Johnny Jiron2718d ago

I'm covered for this and next year. Paying only $29 when the Halo reach promo showed up on the dash. I clicked it got an error. Clicked again, and it worked. My recent renewel went through in January. Then I looked and noticed I'm due next Jan for the same price of $29. Even tho that offer was for one time I ended up with two.

These offers and deals are everywhere if you scout around.

ChronosRaikou2718d ago

I did this weeks ago this is old news.

Danielmccue2718d ago

Guys just buy your membership on EBAY, thats what i do. i have literally never payed full price for Xbox live.

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