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"When I reviewed Homefront, I rated the game high despite its lackluster single-player mode. Critics, business types, and your mom and dad don't understand that multiplayer is much more important to you than single-player these days. Head-to-head content gets the wealth of gaming time and Brink comes well equipped for hours and hours of gunplay." - Daniel Bischoff

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samurailincoln2718d ago

I feel sorry for PS3 folks who pre-ordered this game and can't do the online mode. Looks like there's not much to the single player experience.

dbjj120882718d ago

I heard about a couple of PS-exclusive sites that got Xbox 360 copies of Brink to review instead of the PS3 version!

Sev2718d ago

Yep. Any PlayStation sites got 360 copies. It's the only way they can test online. The PS3 version was DOA with the PSN being down.

Lifewish2718d ago

i do wish I could play this game.. it looked really fun

stormeagle62718d ago

Saw it in action for a while, and I'm not a fan.

SwampCroc2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I own it and played it for the PS3.... yeah... PSN is down... but I mean learn the game, play the campaign, hone your skills, learn the maps.... just get your game up and than before too long PSN will be back up...

I own both systems... Xbox Live got canceled because I took my Credit Card info off the account... they made it Silver... But, I just now got the token for my remaining time so i'll probably enter that back in considering I had like 5 months of Gold left....

But, yeah the game you can tell is made to be played online, or coop.... basically with other people... From what i've played I like it and I think people should actually play and learn the game a little bit before actually jumping into the online multiplayer fray.... I dunno I would rather start MP knowing how to play the game instead of starting MP as soon as you first play it.

incase of any confusion.. I haven't played it Online.. But from the 3 hours I played last night. I like it.. It's different..

dead_eye2718d ago

I've just pre ordered this for PS3. I don't care if the single player is crap it's all practice for when psn is back up.

It does look like online is where the game really shines but hey I can wait.

SwampCroc2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I wouldn't say it's crap... it seems like the entire game is structured like you are playing Multiplayer.... Singleplayer has some sort of story it seems but it's all laid out like a long ass Multiplayer Session with Computer AI....

you do objectives and stuff..... I think that's what makes the transistion between online and offline so seemless kinda because it's all essentially like the same backdrop.... it's like Singleplayer is Multiplayer without the actual Multiplayer component... if that makes any sense....

I dunno.. like I said up above... It's different. But I like it.

hoof1232718d ago

Lot of mixed opinions on this one.

dbjj120882718d ago

I think it'll ultimately boil down to how much online multiplayer you enjoy and how many people on your friends list pick up the game....

dead_eye2718d ago

Seems right.
But we can always make new friends while playing it.

SwampCroc2718d ago

yeah.. I don't have many friends that play the games... no one had KZ3... only me and one of my friends would play MGO together...

I just freelance but in the actual game I always try to participate in a team effort... I mean I'll run and gun in some FPS... but I will do objectives and stuff aswell...

Basically, I usually just play online alone and have to rely on the luck of the draw when it comes to teammates.

dbjj120882718d ago

Brink does a good job of organizing people into teams even when you're playing with randies because the objective wheel will direct you into supportive roles. Seems like it's probably your type of thing if you like contributing to objectives.

SwampCroc2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

yeah I can't wait for PSN to come back up.. I really want to play this Online... and I even got Homefront despite the bad reviews and everything.... I liked the MP in HF when it worked right..

But yeah, I contribute towards objectives.. But, I'm gonna kill some fuckers before I risk my ass trying to disarm a charge or something... I just think I play the way I would do it in real life... I take my time... I shoot and move... If I think I can't kill them I might not shoot... you know stuff like that...

I just love videogames.. regardless if it's the best game in the world.. or if it's just a mediocre game... I dunno if it catchs my eye, I'm gonna gamble on it.

mastiffchild2718d ago

My wife won't let me play with "randies", sadly. Sorry to be an arse but is that REALLY an accepted term for "random gamers"? I just really want it to be, it needs to be.

"Can't come now Hun, I'm rounding up a team of "randies" to play with", genius word usage.

Naturally, if it's your own db, kudos is all yours.

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