Final Level: Deathsmiles Review

Josh at Final Level reviews the game Deathsmiles, developed by Aksys.

"After spending half hour with a friend playing Deathsmiles we were left puzzled and slightly hurt that we just wasted under an hour of our life to complete a game…
It’s always a big decision for developers to decide where their games should be, most companies will obviously want their game to be seen as a triple A game yet some hit that middle class bracket and are lost amongst a sea of mediocrity, whist others take a safer route dominating the online downloads market, games like Death Spank and Castle Crashers have done this to their fullest potential..."

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dgroundwater3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I do agree that it could have been a fine downloadable title the rest of these complaints a way off base. Criticizing a shmup for a silly story and crazy enemies? It's a genre title so it takes a hit for that too... Whatever.