Brink Errors, Crashes, ATI Fix, No Sound Fix, Freezes and FPS Fix

SegmentNext - "Brink (PC) has just been released and seems like there are few issues that need Splash Damage’s attention. I won’t whine about these issues rather talk about how you can fix these and experience smooth gameplay.

In this Brink Troubleshooting Guide, I have explained how you can fix general errors, crashes and other problems. Most importantly how to fix ATI performance issues, and how to tweak the game for best performance and increase your FPS".

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BabyTownFrolics3343d ago

i disagree, and I will explain my statement as much as you have explained yours

Joni-Ice3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

I agree. It failed in my eyes. I should have got Crysis 2. I need to learn when to go with my gut.

EDIT: @THe_Nameless_One....Maybe my gut does. At this point Im just so happy Im getting my money back from Amazon. Bubbles to you.

The_Nameless_One3343d ago

Then your gut needs an enema because Crysis 2 is no better.

The_Nameless_One3342d ago

LOL. Thanks for taking it in a humorous way. People here are so serious.
But in all seriousness. Save your money for a better game. Crysis 2 is not that good. Granted it's not as crap as Brink but for $60 it's still a hard pill to take.

Active Reload3343d ago

Didn't they have a beta for this? I understand it might've been closed, next time open should be the policy.

Joni-Ice3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Dude no beta. On top of that, all the reviews came out the day of release. That should have been a red flag for me. Publishers that are confident in their game will allow reviews before release day. Was so angry I got that game but after talking to Amazon and lying saying I didnt know PSN was down they will refund my money. A lesson learned.

EDIT: It looked so bad, I asked my step-son if he wanted to try Brink (He has his own ps3 in his room) He said no because he didn't have a backward compatible PS3. He thought it was a PS2 game.

Rybakov3343d ago

sucks for PC....but my friend said he already got the patch to fix it and has had no problem all night sooooooo flame-bait article

MidnytRain3343d ago

Demonstrating how to fix frequent errors in a software progaram isn't flamebait. Also, not everyone has a (good) internet connection.

ASSASSYN 36o3343d ago

Console version has these sound issues with weapons. No crash problems yet. Fun game though.

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