Should Microsoft Offer Free Xbox Live To Playstation Network Users?

Microsoft may entice existing Playstation Network users with free Xbox Live membership in order to benefit from the three week period that Sony estimates will be necessary to restore full service to PSN.

The current going price for the annual Gold subscription for the Xbox Live currently stands at £29.97 at Amazon, and it would make plenty of sense for Microsoft to give it away for free given the amount of new business this could generate.

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NYC_Gamer3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

why?that means they would have to offer this service free to all 360 owners and MS wont take that huge lost in $$$

SixZeroFour3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

in fact, if they did this, they might see an increase in console sales cause i know a bunch of ppl that havent bought a 360 cause psn on ps3 is already free

edit: and just to clear things out, im talking about making the service free all together, not just for psn users

tehpees33133d ago

I wouldn't say free for PS3 but it should be free for xbox

Active Reload3133d ago

"Should Microsoft Offer Free Xbox Live To Playstation Network Users?"

They would and could, going by the name Xbox Live Silver. Seriously, stupid title--me thinks--leads to stupid article.

Wobbuffet3133d ago

If your considering spending over £200 on a new console then i don't think free trial of xbl will be a deal breaker.

If people want a 360 and xbl then they will get it regardless, just my view on it.

ExposingLames3133d ago

it is to me and i just bought a brand new PS3 and 4 games 2 weeks ago. Its not just about the money.

i dont want to be milked for stupid stuff, if you would give me an option I would pay attention. Most of the features Live offers over PSN dont matter to me anyways and im not gonna pay for em and im damn sure not gonna pay to play games online, especially when i already pay for so much more.

Wobbuffet3133d ago

@ ice pick, fair point man, i will give you an agree on that one.

RankFTW3133d ago

What a stupid article, who approves this guff (I know who approved it so don't reply with a list of names (and this is just to cover the person who does post a list of names))

Blaze9293133d ago

what they should do though, is make Xbox LIVE free for all users until PSN comes back online. That would be the smart thing to do to reach out to PSN users and possibly draw them into Xbox LIVE

ZugZug II3133d ago

Huge loss in money?

>Microsoft makes there service free to ps3 users
>Ps3 users switch over to xbox
>Xbox users > Ps3 users

RSPproductionz3133d ago

for the fourth point with the three ??? you can out "I'm talking shite"

lil Titan3133d ago

it wouldnt make me buy an 360 so i dont know why they should, im still waiting on PSN services to come back on regardless of what any body say

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ksense3133d ago

well if I get to play uncharted, infamous, resistance, last guardian, twisted metal etc... I would take the bait but that ain't gonna happen so whats the point.

FAGOL3133d ago

Well some sort of trial will boost business for Microsoft incredibly. But it's a bit late now. PSN should be back up in a few days.

omi25p3133d ago

Rumors are that it wont be up till may 30th

Fishy Fingers3133d ago

Would be kind of a piss take to your 20+ million paying subscribers.

rabidpancakeburglar3133d ago

That would not be a smart move, it would betray customer loyalty

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The story is too old to be commented.