Game of the Year 2011 Predictions - A Glimpse into the Future (StrengthGamer)

StrengthGamer: "Yes, that's correct, we at not only possess the ability to be completely awesome, we are also fortune tellers."

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metsgaming3140d ago

i cant wait for ace combat but im concerned about them changing it to much and ruining it but we will see.

metsgaming3140d ago

This year is jam packed full of GOTY contenders. I personally going to pick 3 because there are so many. This year will have sites giving goty to many different games then in years past where it was pretty easy to choose.

DelbertGrady3140d ago

I agree with Anthony. Just 10 more days now...

Raven_Nomad3140d ago

Well it's hard saying without playing all of the games, but I will go with Gears 3 since I have actually been playing the beta and it's been amazing!

I would have said Mass Effect 3 was a strong contender as well, but it got delayed.

undercovrr3140d ago

LA Noire will win. Why? because its a rockstar game, and every game rockstar is involved in wins GOTY

Hunkalicious_G3140d ago

Rockstar; The only company that consists of gods.

MasterCornholio3140d ago

What about Naughty Gods? Jeez that sounds perverse for some reason

undercovrr3140d ago

What about RDR? It won GOTY by the majority of journalists if that's what you're wondering

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