Impulse Gamer: DCS A-10C Warthog Review

Impulse Gamer: It has been a long while since I actually enjoyed a flight sim or flight game. I can count the flight style sims or games on one hand that impressed me enough to actually still enjoy playing. The folks at Eagle Dynamics with the latest edition to the DCS (Digital Combat Series) have put forth such a fine piece of soft ware. There can be no confusing a combat flight simulator and an air combat game ever again.

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HaVoK3083340d ago

Superb Simulation just like BlackShark before it. Now you have the best modern fighter sim and the best modern helicopter sim under the same banner.

This is a serious sim. Im talking full start up procedures and all. Console gamers need not apply. Only those with patience and are seeking utmost realism will gain enjoyment out this title.

Eagle Dynamics FTW!

evrfighter3340d ago

man I miss those old school Jane's simulators.

Don't have a joystick otherwise I would have it already.

HaVoK3083339d ago

I prefer CH Products but you can pick up a Saitek X-52 for a great price and it will do the job fine. Before I went CH it's what I used.