PS3 vs. Xbox 360: Portal 2's April Sales Ranks - Analysis with Chart

"Did more PS3 or Xbox 360 owners apparently purchase Portal 2 during its 11 days on the market in April? Let's take a look!" says CoffeeWithGames in the introduction section.

"The charts above show the sales ranks for Portal 2 on the PS3 and Xbox 360, with sales ranks recorded from April 19 through April 30, 2011. The sales ranks were recorded from's "Top 100" video game ranks each day(one day twice!), along with the dates and times, as well as sales prices for each game.", says CWG when talking about the chart(s) included.

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CoffeewithChess2722d ago

Have any of you been playing Portal 2 recently? If so, which version have you been playing and what do you think about it?
If you played the original Portal, do you think Portal 2 is as good as/better than the original?

Seijoru2722d ago

I've been playing split-screen co-op on the PS3 and its great but the game should have been longer. Its only slightly better than the original and the puzzles were too easy.

It looks like the PSN outage definitely hurt sales.

zootang2722d ago

Playing the PS3 version. A lot more detail than the first but I don't know if I like the first more because it was unique and original at the time.

UltimateIdiot9112722d ago

PS3 version, no, not ever since I've beaten the single player. Haven't had a chance to try co-op yet. The story was good with some memorable quotes such as Cave's rant about lemons. The puzzles in single player were too easy, all the answers are practically pointed out. The fact, you're in a huge open space with little amount of portal walls, makes it quite obvious what you need to do.

I enjoy the puzzles more in the original Portal, it felt more challenging. Story wise, on par.

EVILDEAD3602722d ago

360 Version...

Love the new ingenuity added to the puzzles. About 75% complete through the single player and 25% through co-op. It's hard to surpass the suprise factor and fresh take of the original.

I'm not trying to hate but let's be real..tracking game placement on is prety a meaningless way to garner sales results. Even the infamous VGchartz come out more accurate than this.


carter202722d ago

i completed portal 2 single player on ps3 its a awesome game i loved the humor and amazing story line.

it dont matter what version you buy , buy it on the one your freinds have so you can play the coop!!

Raven_Nomad2722d ago

I played the 360 version, I am not a huge fan of this game but it's solid if your into the puzzle games.

B1663r2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Amazon Sales rank analysis??? These charts don't say anything at all worth measuring, they are not even using comparable metrics. LOL. Who approved this???

Edit: LOL at disagrees with statistics learning disability... Since we are gonna use made up metrics, lets just look at

Xbox 525k
PS3 400k

It wasn't even close. Xbox Portal 2 crushed PS3 Portal 2


CoffeewithChess2722d ago

"Amazon Sales rank analysis??? These charts don't say anything at all worth measuring, they are not even using comparable metrics. LOL. Who approved this???"

Why aren't the metrics comparable? I know it's not sales numbers, and it's not supposed to be a replacement of NPD data as stated in the post; but NPD data doesn't track sales, which I just find odd because it's the world's largest online retailer site...which is one reason for doing this.
The charts can perhaps give us an idea of which console version is perhaps selling better online at the least, because I don't believe NPD data tracks any online sales numbers right now.

Droid Control2722d ago

I brought the 3650 version. Been loving co-op with my friends. I buy ALL muliformat games for 360. I only use my PS3 for exclusives and Blu-Ray movie viewing.

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