Good at Call of Duty: Black Ops? Win… This.

Electronic Theatre was recently contacted by Calibur11, creators of innovative accessories for the tasteful gamer, as they announced their collaboration with Turtle Entertainment’s wildly successful videogame community Consoles Sports League (CSL). Turtle Entertainment and Calibur11 give gamers in France, Germany and other European countries the chance to prove their worth across a number of games, and throughout May and June Calibur11 will be rewarding the victors of numerous CSL online gaming cups from FIFA 11 to Call of Duty: Black Ops with prizes from their upcoming Vault range. The problem is that the teaser prize they revealed is, quite frankly, hideous.

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BeastlyRig3132d ago

Wish i could win my money back..

StanLee3132d ago

Plus 1! I do love Call of Duty but the franchise has ran its course. Unless there are innovative changes to the next game, I think I'm done with the game. I just can't get into it anymore.

BeastlyRig3132d ago

I say wait until the customer reviews! Ign will give it 9.8 just for booting up!

SNEEKZ0NER3132d ago

That XBOX looks retarded as fuck.

bjh0893132d ago

come stateside and get smacked by MYoWnFaTE!!!!!