Max Payne 3 : four new screenshots

New images for the action game published by Rockstar Games

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Abash3137d ago

He has hair..... on his head!

zeeshan8103137d ago

umm..R* did say he gets bald after [when he's in Brazil - 10 yrs] in the game.

RedPawn3137d ago

That's what I 'm talking about.

NYC_Gamer3137d ago

i'll stick with part 1&2 because i'm not buying this mainstream pop twist of the franchise

Rampaged Death3137d ago

It's looking brilliant ! I have full faith in Rockstar

Charmers3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Congratulations to Rockstar they have managed to make Max Payne totally unrecognisable. In fact if those pics hadn't been labelled "Max Payne 3" I wouldn't have a clue who that character is supposed to be.

maverick403137d ago

Although you are correct, the screenshots do look fantastic!!

MaxOpower3137d ago

You right, this:
would have been so much better

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