IGN: BlackSite: Area 51 Multiplayer Hands-on and Screens

Perhaps what will turn out to be one of the year's biggest sleepers is BlackSite: Area 51, the xeno-filled first-person shooter that is currently wrapping up production at Midway Studios Austin.

With the Xbox 360 version of the game, players will be able to play ranked and unranked matches, and voice support will have constant chatter for teammates while everyone will be able to hear each other if they're close enough, regardless of which team they're on. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 3 version will feature none of these options, and PC support is TBD.

It's also unfortunate that the online co-op that was promised for the game early on won't make it into the final release. Whether or not it could be added in a downloaded pack remains to be seen.

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socomnick4070d ago

Sounds cool hope online is fun might pick this up.

Panthers4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

So if the PS3 version wont have Ranked or Unranked matches then what the hell will it have? With all the AAA games coming out for both systems this holiday season, I dont see this game selling well at all.

It releases one day before CoD 4. I think I know what I am getting, a game that can do multiplayer right.
Maybe the single player is worth it though.

Also, that statement is really unclear. Will it have mic support at all for PS3? Or is it just missing the close chatter thing?

TrillHeat9544069d ago

wow there shafting us ps3 owners like that.....unbelievable im disgusted.

antoinetm4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

so with the ps3 version being poor and the competition on the xbox being what it is... (lets just name halo) .
they still expect it to be a sleeper hit? id rather take kane and lynch.

too little too late, plz come again.

Mikey_Gee4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

For me, the ONLINE IS HUGE and either makes a game a rental or a buy. The online function and limitations the PS3 has right now is the ONLY THING holding me on the fence. I really do hope the new firmware addresses these issues. As I said ... ONLINE IS HUGE.

And for those who think it is not ... "TRY IT" .... it only takes once online with your buds to but that big sh!t eating grin on your face and then you are hooked. It was the PC games that got me hooked on the online.

The chat feature this games uses (same as Halo3) is actually very very cool.

Your team is in communications 100% of the time (over headset and mic).... but as it says, to hear the enemy you must be within "EAR SHOT" to hear them. Distance will determine the volume you hear your enemy. Also if they are being closed doors, their voice is muffled. Nothing better than moving up on a room or getting ready to round a corner and hear EVERYTHING the enemy is saying . You are in comms with your team over the headset all the time, but to distinguish friend chat from foe, you enemies voice comes out over your speakers from the TV or Stereo and blends in with the GAMES environmental sounds as if it was a true to life experience. I love saying to my teammates .. "SHUT UP ... or the enemy will hear us"


============================= ===================
You say to your team (which they hear over the headset)
- I am just outside the door to the warehouse and will lay a trip mine

You then HEAR (through your TV or home theater speakers) the enemy say
- Maybe they are on the seconds floor??
(you then throw the mine just outside the door and it does its normal "Beep" "Beep" once activated)
- Hold on ... did you just hear something outside the door?? (heard through stereo)
- Not sure, anyway, let's head out and try to flank them. (heard through stereo)

** BAAM ** BAAM **

You say to your team (which they hear over the headset)
- Two enemy down, 8 more kills to a win, meet back at Rally point.

============================= ============================== =

It really takes the team strategy and game play to a NEW LEVEL ... it is VERY VERY AWSOME !