The eerily realistic politics of Blacksite: Area 51

Gamertell has posted a feature about the parrallels between the story in Blacksite: Area 51 and the current US political scene. From the article:

"The in-game to real-world political parrallels are undeniable: There's the government conspiracy covering up alien existence; the dissent regarding wars started under false pretenses; the point regarding scientific advancement as a point of hypocrisy for the current conservative regime that seems to be only pro-"natural life;" the potential reinstatement of the draft; and, while it doesn't necessarily cover the ugliest of counter-insurgency tactics, the game touches on guerrilla warfare and the insurgency."

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spectyre5228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

if you have the mentality of a ten year old.

PoSTedUP5228d ago

i bought this game and then traded it in for Turning Point: Fall of Liberty like 1 hour after i got it. <-------i sware. turns out they were both far from a nex gen game but turning point was better.