X360A: Brink Review

X360A writes:

"When a game comes along with a name like Brink, when it comes to review time it’s so easy to get sucked into lame segues using the game name as a means to tie it into the review. You know, “Are we on the Brink of greatness?” “Are we on the Brink of something special?”... Rather than get caught up in those tawdry and overused word games, we hereby promise to use no such nonsense in our final judgement on the title. A title that’s been hogging the internet tubes for quite some time now. With Splash Damage keen to put any association with the messy Quake Wars console port behind them, they’ve taken this behemoth on themselves this time and whether it will be a console hit remains to be seen. You could say that Brink is a bit of a Marmite game."

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earbus3815d ago

Im still going to give it a go i was one of the few who really liked quake wars so this will be fun team based action prob wont touch single player anyway rarely do these days.