Why we're not reviewing Brink, and why you shouldn't buy it (yet)

ARS: My advice right now is to stay away from the game. The version of the game I played is a mess, and not worth your money. That being said, keep an eye on the forums, check to see if reviews are updated as the game is patched, and then make a decision. Sadly, I'll be traveling starting on Wednesday, and the week after that I'll be out of the office taking part in E3 preview events filled with games I can't talk about. It's going to be a good long time before I can download the PC version of the game and tell you what I think.

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QuakeStyle3136d ago

This is sad. I waited for this game a long time. I wanted something between counter strike and tf2.

3136d ago

Brink is good, already level 11 and im not stopping

NExaminer3136d ago

I think this is a respectable thing to do. There's a number of games out there that have improved greatly thanks to patches, but due to initial poor reviews, the "damage" was already done. To be fair, many publishers do seem to be pushing games out too early almost, which isn't always the developers fault. Plus we don't know all the circumstances involving its release in its current state or what future patching plans they have.

Due to the wide range of reviews so far (2/5 to 9/10), waiting a bit before purchasing the game isn't necessarily a bad thing if you're on the edge. At the same time, people shouldn't completely be turned off from this game just yet.

Soldierone3136d ago

To be honest I hate it in a way. Before it had to go through testing after testing. The game had to be perfect when it was printed on the disc and handed to us. There were no "oh we will just patch it later" excuses.

Now it seems like "oh we want it out now!" but we are working on a fix "who cares force them to download it on day one!" Gee thanks.

Tyre3136d ago

In this case the pushing out early is justified.

Saladfax3135d ago

Well, unfortunately, "Just patch it later," doesn't really work for too many games. The low early review scores make sales poor, and it's not something they're easily able to recoup.

Especially not on consoles. PC and Steam might keep the game alive if the improvements and additions pile in, as there will probably be free weekends and big sales to get people's attention.

But for something which is essentially a less-polished Team Fortress 2 (admittedly with a few different and extra features) to come out at a full price tag and feature minimal, buggy content?

earbus3136d ago

Day one thanks for the advice.

Quagmire3136d ago

Wasnt going to buy it regardless. Was hoping for a Mirror's Edge style game, but its more focused on being a shooter than a platformer.

reznik_zerosum3136d ago

no more stupid FPS PLEASE,make more strategy and tactics games that actually require some intelligence

gcolley3136d ago

all these wonderful physics and all they seem to care about are bullets

killyourfm3136d ago

All the 9's and 10's you see for Brink are lies. The online is an absolute mess and the single player AI is atrocious.

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The story is too old to be commented.