A Closer Look at WoW's Subscriber Loss

GKick Network takes a look at the recent news regarding World of Warcraft losing 600,000 subscribers since the influx that came with World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and what little it really means for WoW.

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wh0am12715d ago

I played WoW for a free month.
I could not for the life of me get into it.
I met several high level players who gave me magical items and enough money to get an animal ride (whatever those are called).
I also met some real devious characters who went stealth on me and killed me every time I respawned on the workd map.
And the elitism of the top level players are not so flattering.
WoW is a very lonely place for low level characters.

Raf1k12715d ago

Sounds like you were playing on a PVP server. Should have made a character on a newer PVE server where there are lots of new players. My mates started playing on a new server and I transferred a character over. There are lots of people who are still getting to know the game and quite a few older players who are pretty helpful.

Then again, the experience is always different for each player.

NiteX2715d ago

Damn didn't think 600k left. I will admit I was apart of that. After 6 years of playing on and off with friends we all decided it was time to leave for good. Cataclysm was a big bag of meh. Just picked up Rift a month ago and I'm already tired of it. Maybe if it didn't try to be WoW it would have been more interesting. Hoping GW2 and SWTOR will be refreshing enough to hold me over for a long while.

maximusape2715d ago

In my experience with WOW I found that having a nice active guild to play with makes the game 10x more fun. Endless grinding and "dailies" gets boring after a while, even when they change it up. Which is why the new "looking for guild" and "looking for new guild members" is a very good addition to the game to keep people hooked. Alas, I quit the game just 2 weeks before that came into effect, plus there were only 5 guys in the whole guild who was raid ready.

GKickNetwork2715d ago

I agree completely with this mindset. If you isolate yourself in the game or play in a guild that doesn't share a sense of community or at the very least the STYLE of play you want to have, you're going to have a very hard time enjoying WoW. However, if you join a guild that you actually have fun with - or heck, even a server of people you like to play with - you'll stay much, much longer.

gypsygib2715d ago

I got the free month as well because I couldn't use my consoles because my TV broke and even with no other gaming options I couldn't bring myself to play the game after a few hours.

It was so boring. I don't know if it's because the gameplay is so old now that it's outdated but I think an MMO should have been way more enjoyable. It was like playing an RPG with a very weak story.