Brink Review - JPS

"The first time I saw and played Brink was in 2010 during E3 in Los Angeles. At that time, I only got to play the game for fifteen to thirty minutes max and the game was somewhat satisfying. Given the opportunity to play the game a week early before its anticipated release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, I spent the whole weekend playing with the A.I. and some of my friends on Xbox LIVE who owned the game as well. Brink isn’t the ordinary first person shooter games that fans of the genre should come to expect as it is more a tactical game where players must do objectives with either A.I. or with up to eight people on the network." - JPS

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ShadyDevil3141d ago

Picking this game up tomorrow. The reviews are all over the place, the focus is the online and half the people I know picking it up.

Tripl3seis3141d ago

im getting the game 2morrow also i need a shooter for the summer and brink its it.

Groszq3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Splash Damage made an update for realease tommorow to solve the problems with network, graphics and etc on Xbox 360. Maybe that's the reason of the minuses in review.

MasterD9193140d ago

I'll get it at 20 bucks...