Destructoid - Brink Review

Destructoid - Brink is a confusing beast. Inspired and engrossing, exasperating and chaotic. Putting my thoughts into words has been difficult, as a series of garbled, guttural noises are what I want to make whenever I try to describe this game. I want to excitedly shout about how happy it makes me, but I can't do so without adding important, overbearing caveats. This is the type of game for which the phrase, "There's always a but," was made. There is always a "but" with Brink, some sort of unusual downside to every bright spot.

Yet this is the online game I may play more than any other this year. It's a love/hate game of the highest degree, and I personally love it too much to hate it, despite understanding and accepting that anyone who does hate it will have every right and reason to do so.

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sickbird3134d ago

destructoid thinks its good. Im satisfied.

ComboBreaker3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Destructoid thinks every crappy games is good.

I knew this game was going to suck the moment I saw it. Don't know why people kept trying to hype it so much.

Just another typical FPS game, with a coat of paint.

Lyr1c3134d ago

I don't think there has ever been a game, with reviews as mixed as Brink's.

Serious... I'm seeing 2/5s and 8/10s everywhere.

sickbird3134d ago

I thought Home Fronts reviews were really mixed. The first reviews were really good, then came the bad.

Kalowest3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

"Score: 7.5 -- Good (7s are solid games that definitely have an audience. Might lack replay value, could be too short or there are some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun.)"

It sounds like a fun game, but its $60 price tag is going to hurt it alil.

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