Gears 3 Beta Guide: Anything and Everything About It

The Gears 3 beta is on its final week. After a long and fun ride, it's time to talk about everything that was included in it. From frags, to bunny heads, to Checkout, to Boomshots. Adrian gives his opinion on everything that Epic had to show.

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AdrianHD3139d ago

There's no question mark after that, so I'm not sure what you're trying to say with this.

VladimirK3139d ago

"the game gives the leader to the highest leveled people." [In CTL.]

This very well may be incorrect, btw.
The other night I played about 12 straight CTL matches and I got to be the leader at least once in every match, quite a few times it was in the first round and there were definitely guys in there of a higher rank than me.

AdrianHD3139d ago

There are a few inconsistencies. If I'm wrong there, I don't know what the forumla is for picking the Leader. For what it stands though, the mass majority of the starting leaders are the highest leveled people in the lobby.

gdogg9793139d ago

i just had a marcus named i'm pretty sure its just any name to any character rather than there actual names?

also the "tagging" of an enemy is it Left stick click cos i can't never seem to get it to work??

maybe im too far away?

all in all..nice guide.

on another note i just got three kills with one shot of the one shot.nice!

Kahvipannu3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I like it that Epic is this time taking theyr time and holding beta, GeOW2 multiplayer was really bugged at launch. Unfortunately I can't take part myself, but the full game will be beast.

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